Both Christians and Atheists Are Fools

Everyone has heard Christians quote Psalm 14:1 to atheists.
“The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.””
According the the Hebrew words rendered fool in Psalms denotes one who is morally deficient. I wonder if the average Christian who uses this verse to insult atheists knows what they are really saying. I would guess not. They most likely think the word “fool” means a stupid or idiotic person so we will go with that.
Everyone has also heard Atheists say that Christians can’t be all that bright if they are stupid enough to believe in fairy-tales, not understanding how evolution works, and not recognizing confirmation bias in the realm of prayer. The mind that uses reason instead of faith has a difficult time understanding how these things could be missed by a thinking and intelligent person.
Why am I pointing out that fact that both Christians and Atheists think the other group to be fools? Simply because both groups are fools. Not for the reasons given but because both assume the other are fools for not seeing the world as they do. I see no evidence for a god or gods anywhere in the known universe. I could be wrong about that. I don’t think I am but who knows? If I am wrong, then I’m not a fool. I’m just wrong. The same is truth the other way. Many people see what they perceive as evidence for a god or gods everywhere they look. They could very well be mistaken. Does that make them foolish? No, it just makes them mistaken.
Whenever we get to a point where we start to assume members of other groups are fools because they disagree with us, even on seemingly huge topics, we are the ones being foolish. One can be smart, well read, compassionate, and wrong about any given thing simultaneously. It’s not difficult.

Theists and False Flagging/Reporting

I am sure this topic has been covered before but I thought I would add my two cents in the form of a question. Are you ready theists? Here goes.

If you have the “TRUTH” on your side, why do you need to be dishonest in your dealings with atheists on the web?

Respecting God or Egocentric Thinking?

“Respect God

“Do His will as if it were your own, so that He will do His will as it were yours. Nullify your own will before His so that he will nullify the will of others before you.””

I read this gem of a quote on a Christian page the other day at which point two things stood out in my mind.
The first is that who ever wrote this thought they could manipulate the will of, what they believe to be, an all powerful being.
The second is that they also seem to believe that their god will suspend the free will of others for their benefit.
I see this quote as a proclamation of egocentric thinking that, far to often, goes hand in hand with god delusions.
Oh right, the title. “Respect God” was written above the quote as shown. I don’t know why or how the quote and the title fit together but I’m sure to the theist mind it makes all the sense in the world.

No Such Thing As An Atheist?

I have heard it said that there is no such thing as an atheist. I have heard it said that we really do believe in the Christian god but are lying to ourselves about it. Why? Because we just can’t handle the reality that God is real and/or because we want to live “in sin” without fear of judgment.
I don’t think you are crazy or stupid for believing in gods. Humans have pretty much always done so. It is a flaw in our genetic makeup. But if you think others believe what you believe even when they make it clear that they don’t, you are (at least a little) crazy or stupid. Well, maybe not but you are certainly delusional. If I say I don’t believe in your god, it is because I don’t believe in your god. To assume otherwise is sad.
Think of it this way: if I were to say that there are no theists, just atheists pretending there is a god because they can’t handle reality or because they want someone else to take the fall for their sin filled lifestyle, would I be correct? No. I could believe it all day long. I could shout it from the roof tops but in the end my belief on the matter would have no effect on the reality of it.
So, if you are one of those who believe I really do believe in your god, it might be time to reevaluate that belief.

If I Don’t Believe in God, Why Do I Talk About Him At All?

If I don’t believe in god, why do I talk about him at all?
Well, maybe because the idea was fed into my brain from infancy by well-meaning parents. Maybe one never really gets past the need to fight against the brainwashing that was done to him especially when he sees it being done to others. Maybe every time I hear someone say “God bless you” I am reminded of the fact that the majority of human kind is still trapped in the superstition and delusion that is religion and belief in gods.
Do I find pleasure in the seemingly pointless and endless debates? Does it made me happy to argue the same points without being heard in any real way by those trapped in god belief? Is it fun for me to get the same non-answers skeptics got a hundred years ago?
No. So why do I do it? How can I not? If you woke up one morning and saw something that was fundamentally wrong with the world, would you roll over and go back to sleep or would you stand and fight for change? Some people stand and fight for water for Africa. Some people stand and fight to end abortion. Others stand against drugs. I stand against what I perceive as the greatest enemy of human kind: the notion that gods are real and that old books should guide our every step.
I do not fight out of hate. I fight because I care. I am a part of humanity and I care where we go and what we do on the way there. If you can’t understand that, if you still cling to your preconceived notions about me, well, then I guess we will be enemies. But for my part, I do not fight you. I fight the trap you are in. Maybe someday we can be friends when the traps are torn down and destroyed? I suppose we will have to wait and see.

I’m Back.

I know I said that I would no longer write on this blog but I feel the need to do so again. It has been over a year and my life has changed but I am still fighting the good fight and all that. I do not have internet at home right now, as some God fearing crackhead took all my computer stuff down to the modem, so I will be posting once or twice a week and commenting in like frequency.
If any of my old friends are still out there. Hi.

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

Well, my friends, this is the end. I am not posting on this blog again. I am not closing it for now, but it is time to move on. I truly appreciate everyone’s input and honest discussion. I have learned a lot here and have grown as a person and in my understanding of the world. Thank you all.


P.S. Wingnut, Bradley, Jeston, Glen, Jimmy (and wife), Chris, and everyone else who has put a lot of time into this blog, I consider all of you my friends and will ,most likely, miss you all.

P.P.S. I will be continuing my writing in another fashion somewhere else and, no, I am not saying how or where. 🙂 So, see you when I see you.