First post….

It seems to me that I would do better with my own blog. I have been posting my thoughts, most recently, on Facebook, but my friends, for the most part, do not really appreciate what I have to say. Before Facebook I was active on you-tube, but there are so many people saying the same thing over and over again, with nobody listening to anybody else… crazy. So on to new things!
I will try not to be overly one track-minded in this endeavor. Hopefully I can come up with something of interest to say, now and then. Being a minimalist/vegetarian/raw foodist/most of the time vegan/agnostic atheist/dyslexic (that’s right, I don’t believe in dog. ha-ha), I should be able to come up with something. I mean, really. Now then, if only I can think of a name for this thing….


2 responses to “First post….

  1. Well I certainly hope you find your light.

  2. Well, my Friend, Whatever caused you to decided to have a go at your own blog, I am certainly glad. You have inspired me, caused me to stop, think, and do some inner searching of self.
    Keep posting! You have shared much wisdom here.


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