Where Are the Miracles?

Did you ever notice the standards for what constitutes a miracle have greatly diminished over time? Once men were wittiness to such feats as the raising of the dead and the healing of the blind. Before that there were pillars of fire and parting of the sea.

Now what do we see? What miracles are there to help bolster our faith? Definitely not people walking on water or turning water into wine. Certainly no road to Damascus moments. No, today we see one small child survive a natural catastrophe where hundreds or thousands are senselessly killed, and call it a miracle. Am I the only one who sees the difference here? Where did all the miraculous signs from god go? Did he stop caring?

No, that’s not it. Using Occam’s Razor ( The simplest theory that fits the facts of a problem is the one that should be selected.) I would say that none of the great miracles of the past happened. If those kinds of things were possible a few thousand years ago, they should be possible today. We don’t see them today. Therefore, they were not seen then. They are just fictional stories. This seems simply enough, why is it so hard to grasp for so many in the world today?


19 responses to “Where Are the Miracles?

  1. So, I’m guessing you don’t consider the Jesus on toast thing a real miracle?

  2. Nice! I consider it a fluke in the human mind’s facial recognition software… and with a little honey, quite a tasty snack.

  3. Just because not everyone sees them doesn’t mean they don’t happen. What you’re really saying is that you have never seen them.

    I have.

    Miraculous births, healings, miraculous timing that you would probably call coincidence.

    I have experienced miracles. I have no reason to believe they didn’t happen in the past, and I have no reason to believe they do not happen today.


  4. What is the point of a miracle nobody sees? Is there a pillar of fire hiding out in the desert? If so, why? Please explain “Miraculous births, healings”, my daughter was born three months early and lived. Is that a miracle? Yes, of modern medical science. What healing did you see? Are you saying that there is no difference in your mind between pillars of fire or walking on water and someone’s cancer going into remission, most likely after medical treatment?

  5. Wingnut

    I wonder if you could tell me why the genuine prayers of amputees ALWAYS go unanswered by God. If you agree that there are amputees, who also believe in God, and who pray just as faithfully as any true Christian, why has God NEVER healed an amputee?

  6. There wouldn’t be a point to a miracle NOBODY sees. But that’s not what I said.

    My wife was told by her doctor that she wouldn’t get pregnant, and we just recently celebrated the birth of our second child. Is that not miraculous? Her doctor had no explanation as to how she got pregnant with our son.

    I watched as a man’s back straightened out after years of poor posture. Another man’s leg grew at least three inches as his knee was healed. I watched it happen, along with twenty other people in the room.

    Would you say that God had no hand in your daughter’s well-being? Because I know there was a strong community of believers praying for her health. Perhaps that’s the reason for the miracle of modern science.


  7. God answers ALL prayer, just not always in the way we want.

    But I can’t answer for Him why He answers prayers in the ways He does.


  8. jj – I am very happy for you and your family and I wish you nothing but the best. That said, doctors can be wrong. I don’t know the details behind your wifes doctor telling her she wouldn’t get pregnant, but I bet it wasn’t because of a genetic disease like lupus or a missing uterus.
    Where were you when you saw these men healed? Can you supply a statement from their doctors saying there was no scientific cause?
    As for my daughter, I am very grateful for the love shown from your family ( and others) to mine. But, I saw too many of those little babies die under the prayerful watch of the Christian community to think it really makes a difference. She is alive today because of medical science, chance, and her stubborn will to survive.
    The reason for the miracle of modern science is a combination of logic and the scientific method. Most scientists don’t believe in a personal god. You can’t give a god the credit for the hard work of the countless men and women in the scientific community.

  9. I cannot tell you the actual physical reason, or supply any sort of medical history for these incidents, my family’s struggle through infertility or the men I saw healed in that lecture hall on the campus of the University of Colorado Fort Collins.

    What I can tell you is that the man’s leg lengthened to match his other leg. The other man’s back popped back into place audibly as he sat still in his chair.

    After two miscarriages and three years of trying to start our family, numerous tests and ultrasounds, it was found that my wife’s tubes were blocked, and she was not ovulating regularly.

    Our doctor, the same throughout the entire time, told us our next options were to attempt IVF, or pursue adoption.

    I don’t know what more proof I can offer, but I suspect that all the proof in the world would not be enough to convince you that these were miracles.


  10. No I suppose not. Still where are the miraculous sign of the bible today? You say a thing is a miracle, someone else could just as easy call it life, in which case there are just as many anti-miracles. I was looking for something on the big ones that thousands of people see at the same time. Like fire coming down from heaven to cook a cow.

  11. I ask because there is a discussion board dedicated to this very question.

    There have been no documented cases of amputees regaining a lost limb or finger or toe through any form of sincere prayer or miracle. But Christians do make very strong claims, much like yours above, that God does in fact help those who pray by physically repairing them in some way.

    It is very odd that God would be so picky as to help some people who pray, but not others, and even more confusing that amputees have NEVER been helped, no matter how faithful, or how many people pray for it.

    The world we live in is still filled with many mysteries, including the human body and its ability to heal itself, with and sometimes without help from the person afflicted, their doctors and medical staff, and even the well wishes and prayers of friends and family who may inadvertently trigger brain chemicals capable of assisting in healing (I am not a scientist!)

    For those events with no documented evidence, we can only admire life and its ability to “find a way”, if you will. So far, for me at least, I see no reason to give all of the credit to a god. Although I would never deny anyone their personal beliefs if it truly makes them happier.

  12. I grant you that. I suppose to some the absence of physical regrowth of limbs could be proof of God not granting prayers.

    But you would be vastly mistaken if you make the assumption that physical healing is the only way to prove that healing has taken place.

    I wonder how many amputees have received not the physical healing they were asking for, but still the emotional and spiritual healing that they needed.

    that’s just my two cents. Sometimes the healing we think we need is not what we in fact do need.


  13. First, it was a bull, not a cow. 🙂

    What it boils down to is a difference of worldview.

    We can look at the same incident, and I can say, “Wow, what a miracle!”, whereas you can say “Wow, look at how far science has come!”

    I would suggest that we are both right.


  14. University of Colorado Fort Collins? Isn’t that where we were room mates at the Young Calvinist Convention? Must be a different time because I don’t recall hearing about any miraculous healings. I do remember hearing that the local stores all ran out of condoms that week. 🙂

    Here is a miracle worth hoping for, the equal dispersal of clean water and food to the whole planet. Instead we dump enough fresh, clean water on our lawns to hydrate trillions of people and we eat ourselves to death, throwing the rest away. Is this what a Christian nation is suppose to look it?

  15. I kinda agree but in my opinion the miracles are all around us – we just don’t see them. Something created with the combined efforts of others that you thought impossible to happen is definitely a miracle, a thing that happened with the least chance is always one. There is no reason we don’t call a miraculous something which is not created by a higher power, we have to simply open our eyes that we’re the ones to create the so called “miracles” . 🙂

  16. Yeah, my bad on that story. Wrong Convention. Jeff H. was sitting right next to me. He actually kept up correspondence with the faith healer for a time.

    I like the miracle you’re looking forward to. It would only take about 9 billion US to do it, too. A drop in the bucket (pun intended)

    That’s most of the reason I don’t water my lawn. The other part is I can’t afford it anyway.

    Over-consumption isn’t what any nation should aspire to, much less one that largely (but mainly falsely) touts it’s religious heritage.


  17. That idea has also been put forth, where other healing occurred. Sadly, that does not give the person their limb back, and thus, it seems that God is either incapable of accomplishing the healing, or He does not want to.

    I would not claim that people are not healed in other ways through prayer, because I see prayer as a form of personal meditation. Even if there is no god listening, the person praying could be healing themselves emotionally through the comfort of believing that someone loves them, albeit, an imaginary someone in my opinion.

    Just imagine the number of people who would become believers if God simply healed the amputees overnight!

  18. The Armchair Antichrist

    I completely agree. We always tend to look for that one cause for things. But, the world does not work so simply. Like you said there are combined efforts which are ignored.

    So, I don’t believe in type of miracles which are those rare divine interventions. To believe in those is to be dependent on a holy crutch. I believe in miracles that arise from hard work and come from inside people and not from above.

  19. God answers ALL prayer, just not always in the way we want.

    Possibly THE classic cop-out. God always answers prayers, except when he doesn’t but luckily he always answers prayers, so he does, even when he doesn’t. I haz teh winz.

    Basically, what you are saying is: stop asking, be stupid, don’t wonder, just accept what I tell you, don’t question, the question is so big, the answer so difficult and you are so stupid that you won’t understand it anyway. Just believe me without evidence, I get it. Don’t demand proof, just accept what I am saying. Demanding proof is proof that you have no faith. No faith is bad. Just believe me.

    THAT is religion. And it works great for the unwashed masses and is also the reason that adherence to religion declines as education increases.

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