How Prayer Really Works

This is the best explanation of how prayer really works I have read to date.

I thought I would just link it instead of rewording it. I would like to here from any Christians out there on this one.


7 responses to “How Prayer Really Works

  1. That’s not an explanation of how prayer works. It’s a skeptic’s explanation about how he thinks prayer works.

    Whomever subscribes to the idea that prayer is like a slot machine is wrong.

    Prayer is about a relationship with God. It’s not about the answer. It’s about placing God’s will at the center of our lives, attuning our hearts with the heart of God.


  2. If that is true why did Jesus say, “And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father. You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it” , it looks to me that prayer is there to bring glory to god. It also looks like a promise to give us what we ask for…

    But if you are right, how do we determine the will of god? Praying and thinking on it can’t be the way. That just leads to people utterly convinced that they are doing the will of god while killing innocent people. Resendiz ring a bell? Could it be that everyone ends up exactly how they would be, doing exactly what they would do without a god or with one? I mean the nonreligious do what they feel is right, and the religious do whatever they feel god says is right. What if it comes down to the same thing? What if the religious person is just projecting their inner qualities on to the god in the minds? That would explain why there are some many denominations in the Church. And why so many people do so many horrible things in the name of god.

  3. I think it does come down to being the same thing.

    But if people are simply projecting their idea of what God should be, then it’s not really God, is it?

    We can read in the Bible what the will of God is. Micah 6:8.

    If religious people pray to God, and nonreligious people arrive at the same conclusion through whatever moral code they observe, then where does that moral code come from?

    I’m telling you though, anyone who oppresses others, or kills innocent people, or stands by and lets others kill and oppress, is not a follower of God in any religion.


  4. To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly are all good thing and necessary to civilization, but I don’t see how its necessary to do it with god.

    All through history we see examples of men doing evil in the name of their god. Are they not religious?

    I look at it from a biological standpoint. Morality is an evolutionary imperative in social species such as the wolf, the dolphin, and homo sapien. To say that a person is amoral because they are free from superstition is like saying a horse can’t walk because it doesn’t have shoes. Could it be that the moral claims of religious writing grow out of our ingrained, genetically driven sense of right and wrong? Without which the species would not get very far. Could it also be that a small percentage of any species could lack these instincts, and so do things that the majority would see as wrong.
    I think that gods are just projections of the mind to help cope with a world of hidden danger and sudden death.

  5. How many people prayed to God to stop The Holocaust?

  6. Zeb, I believe in prayer and I believe in God! I know for a fact that at many times in my life without some supernatural support call it what you will, I would not be here today! I think that giving God the Thanks and giving him praise, is a way of saying Thanks. We can never be as good and loving as him. I hope and pray that he will wrap his arms around you in Love. To not have God, is to not have nothing in life! God Bless you! Mona

  7. You say the you believe in prayer and god and that without supernatural support you would not be here today. Could it be that the reason the supernatural support works is because you think it will. This is called the placebo effect. Why is it that prayers for emotional support are answered while prayers for food for the starving go unanswered? Does god care more about you emotions the for all the little children in the 3rd world? I don’t see how that could be.
    You say the we can never be as good and loving as god. Let us look more closely into the idea. Would you. or anybody you know put a three year old in a room with bomb? Not just a bomb, but a bomb with a big red button on it that flashes? What do you think the child would do as soon as you left? Even if you said, “Don’t push the flashing red button, if you do you will die” she will most likely push the button. Small children lack the knowledge of good and evil. They wouldn’t understand the consistences. Even when their were told.
    This all loving god of yours did this to Adam and Eve in the garden didn’t he? How is sitting up you children to die love?
    Than there is the Salvation story. I watched a Youtub video some time ago by Nonstampcollector that explains the reality behind the logic of god demanding that we excepting Jesus as savior.
    The story in the video goes like this. A father and son move into a new house. The father takes the son to his new room and says, “You can paint your new room any color you want.” The son replies,” I want to paint it blue”. But the father says,” I want you to paint it orange”. At which point the son says, “But I really like blue.” The father then says, “Ok, you can paint it blue,but if you do I will break you arm.”….. What color do you think the son picked?
    Do you see the resemblance in the two stories?
    You say that god is loving and good, but if you or I were to do the things he does we would be considered sick monsters. How does that make sense?

    As for your last claim,”To not have God, is to not have nothing in life!”, all I can say is you don’t know what you are talking about…

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