Is the human brain a doorstop?

As I was doing my blog’s administrative tasks this morning I noticed something that I found a little frightening in the “What’s Hot” list under “Top blogs today”. Have I somehow traveled forward in time to a world of mildly retarded boobs? Have I slipped into the movie Idiocracy, where celebrities run the government and all people care about is sex and men getting kicked in the nuts?

How could it be that the top blogs of the first day of 2010 are;

  1. FAIL Blog: Epic Fail Pictures and Videos of Owned, Pwnd and Fail Moments
  2. COED Magazine
  3. Celebrity Baby Blog –
  4. PopWatch

Can someone please tell me what went wrong with the human race. We had so much potential. We once dreamt of going to the stars. We once new how to use our brains for something more than doorstops. Look how far we have fallen.


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