The human species is superstitious by nature

This is a rebuttal to a quote posted HERE that declares all men believe in god therefore god is real.

The human species is superstitious by nature, but that does not necessitate those superstitions to be true. How many people have you seen knock on wood? Why do they do it? Because they don’t want bad things said to come true. Does the wood knocking help their odds? No, of course not, and most of them know it. So why do they continue to do it? Because the human species is superstitious. It is a combination of our inability to perceive reality in an accurate manner and our ability to remember only those things that reinforce preconceived notions.


2 responses to “The human species is superstitious by nature

  1. Wow, that is quite an arrogant quote if you ask me.

    My Christian friends are trying to tell me the same thing, that humans are instilled with a spiritual side that is really God. Therefore, God is real.

    I have to say that I have never felt any need for a god. The only reason I have ever given it a second thought, is because of the overwhelming popularity of religion, and its oppressive power over societies. It takes its place as the unassailable thing, and showers guilt and fear over everyone, so that most of the sane adults who know deep down that it’s all imaginary, won’t dare speak out for far of ridicule or some form of persecution. Too bad.

    BTW – nice new look and feel on the blog!

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