Reasoning with a Christian is like playing catch with a blind man.

When I say, “Reasoning with a Christian is like playing catch with a blind man. Chances are he will never catch the ball… Reasoning with a group of them is just plain suicide.” The only response I get is, “Well at least we don’t waiver from what we believe!”

What is this thinking? How can Christians see this as a valid stance? All I can say is blind adherence to a belief in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary is not a good thing. Once, doctors believed that bloodletting was the cure for most diseases. But when evidence was found to the contrary most doctors stopped the practice and started using newer better methods to cure their patients.

What would the world be like today if doctors never wavered from what they believed?


14 responses to “Reasoning with a Christian is like playing catch with a blind man.

  1. There just aren’t enough straight jackets, are there. Seriously, as deluded as I believe many of the more fundamental believers are, its still very difficult to understand how they can pierce through the cognitive dissonance with such tenacity!

  2. Yes. Because we’re all a bunch of psychotic ignorant idiots that can’t have a decent conversation to save our lives, right?


  3. Interesting perspective.

  4. jj – Jeston and I do not agree on all things. I don’t think Christians “psychotic ignorant idiots”, just victims of a system of indoctrination in superstition.

  5. But if you say that reasoning with us is like playing catch with a blind man, does that not imply some sort of ignorance or illogical thought?


  6. No. Not at all, just a life time of training not to think about the possibility that Christianity is wrong. When the subject is brought up most Christians shut down. I have seen it over and over again.

  7. Maybe a better analogy would be playing catch with a man who is scared of baseballs, he shuts his eyes when he sees one coming… But that doesn’t sound as good.

  8. Zeb,just dropped in to say,still loving you and still praying.I really like your pics. Cheryl

  9. Thanks, Cheryl. Love is always nice, but you know I see prayer as pointless… beyond a personal meditation, that is. Don’t waste your time praying for me. Instead spend extra time with your family or something else constructive. 🙂

  10. Zeb, sorry to be so long getting back to you. I paid heed to your words on family, and have put more effort in that direction.Thank you for that insight. It is very easy to get so involved with life and ‘Christin Life’,that we begin to neglect those closest to us. I do however still believe in prayer and I am still praying for you to find great peace and fulfillment. P.S. Good news to report, my daughter and her husband are drawing closer to the family,that is an answered prayer report.
    Be Blessed Cheryl

  11. Cheryl ~ I am glad things are going well for you.

  12. Thanks again Zeb, by the way did your Mom give you the name Zebulon? Does she have a blog?

  13. Yes she did and no she doesn’t…. Why do you ask?

  14. Because names are like a frame around us, they stamp us with their meaning.Like Jesus name in the Hebrew Joshua or Yeshua,meaning salvation.[and He is our salvation]
    I’m not sure what Zebulon means,but I will find out and get back to you. Cheryl

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