Random Zen Question #2

How long can I speak the same words before I realize that nobody is listening?

…including me.


3 responses to “Random Zen Question #2

  1. I listened.

    What exactly do you want to hear?


  2. jj – Thank you for that. What I was getting at is that it seems everybody is talking and nobody is listening. We are all too busy trying to be heard, trying to be understood, that we can’t hear or understand anyone else. Most of the time we can’t hear or understand ourselves.
    You asked what exactly do I want to hear. I what to hear water flowing over rock and the cry of a Red-tailed hawk over head. The wind in the trees.
    All these words mean nothing and the more they are used the less they mean.

  3. That’s why I don’t try to argue. We all seem to have a want (need?) for our viewpoints to provide us self-worth. The only way that will happen is if someone agrees with us. So we go and stand on our soapbox, beat our chest, and scream until we’re blue in the face, thump our Bibles, all so we can feel good about ourselves. And it usually doesn’t work, only serving to further divide us along our previously held opinions.

    I agree, a great cure for that is to stop talking and listen to the wild. We’ll learn more that way!


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