Zen Quote #2

Do not dwell on faults.

Instead dwell on the breath in your lungs

and the wind in the trees.

Faults will always be here.

Breath and wind are only here for a moment,

then they are gone.


6 responses to “Zen Quote #2

  1. I wishe I could read your site posts and comments, but my old eyes, eve with glasses can’t handle teh tiny print for more than a few minutes. I’ll save the link to your site, and check back in case you should decided to resize the print for your elderly readers.

  2. I’m sorry, I didn’t realize the text on my site was an issue. May I suggest “text zoom”? In Firefox it is listed under View drop down menu. I am not sure where it is in IE as I use a Linux operating system, and do not have IE.

  3. Neither are we- here for more than a moment. Think about this: atoms and cells are in a constant state of motion- our bodies which are made up of atoms and cells are also in a constant state of motion, but they also are constantly dying, changing, regenerating. Now think about a memory in your childhood. Remember something very clear and vivid- like it just happened yesterday. Now realize that you were not there for that memory. That person does not exist. Not one single atom that made up the person who you were then exists as part of what makes you today. You are an entirely different cell make-up, yet you retain the memory. Matter only comes together momentarily to be you. Whatever we are, we are not the stuff of which we are made. (I read this in Richard Dawkins book and I hope I remembered it correctly.)

  4. @july7nyc That is very true. But if we are not the stuff we are made of, what are we?

  5. theagnosticswife

    I like this. I am realizing I dwell on faults or things I perceive to be faults way too much.

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