Random Atheist Question #6

How can god exist and function outside of time? Reality is perceived through time. If not for time we could not process information or have a thought. How does god do it? Does he have his own space-time? If he does, wouldn’t he be in his own universe and subject to the laws of that universe and therefore not all powerful?

With that in mind here is logical proof of gods non-existence.
1. Processing of reality can only be done over time.
2. Only real beings can process reality.
3. God is outside of time.
4. Therefore, god can not process reality and is not a real being.


4 responses to “Random Atheist Question #6

  1. I’ll take a stab at this!

    Time has a beginning and, christians believe, an end. God has no beginning or end. He is the creator of time and seasons of time. Could He be all-powerful, all-seeing, and everywhere present if He was restricted by time? What kind of a God would He be if He was limited by time? Yet, He does live by His own limits of time, also. He can live by the laws He has set because He is the Lawgiver.

  2. Ok, but how did he process reality before time. Linear thought is impossible without time. How did he think to start time ( to start something you need linear thought) before thought was possible?

  3. I believe God transcends time yet has no problem living in the time He has created. Does He process reality or does He create it? How can my God know the end from the beginning if He is not the creator and ruler of the events making up reality? I’m thiking of the prophesies written in Scriptures. How do we know that God did not possess a thought process? If we are images of Him and we have thoughts, which are needed to know about morals then He must have had a thought process. Humans have linear thought but God is not human, He is Spirit. Jesus was 100% God and 100% human. God had to bow down to man’s level. So our thoughts are not His thoughts nor are our ways His ways.

  4. @auntdeedee
    I guess you can believe what you like. The issue is that non-linear thought can not comprehend linear processes like stopping and starting, any more than linear thought can understand processes that take place in non-linear thought.
    So if god existed outside of time the only way he could have started time or anything else would have been by accident.

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