Typical Atheist, Typical Christian.

Quoting the bible to the typical atheist is like quoting an evolutionary biology text book to a typical Christian. Neither will fine anything of relevance to their lives.


10 responses to “Typical Atheist, Typical Christian.

  1. Lulz.

    But anyway, just thought I should let you know:

    Superbloop: “posts cooment”

    Mad Jewess: I don’t have the attention span to read it (closes comments).


  2. @superbloop
    Oh, I see. Well what do you expect from crazy, angry people. There is no point in arguing with her anyway, she will not change her mind.
    I have a few posts on the subject…

  3. Hey… I am enjoying being able to read here. The font size is bigger. You certainly give one much to think about in your posts and I enjoy reading here.

  4. @Marica
    I am glad you can read me now. 🙂

  5. Whoops. Thought you ment that particular person. Just a conisidense, though. 0_0

  6. I agree! Yes, I do! I don’t believe in evolution and that goes further back than when I became a christian. I needed that missing link to believe it. Plus, survival of the fittest hardly works for mutating creatures going from one phase to another since it makes them weaker before they are stronger (after a few generations). Anyway, I think the Proverbs are good for everyone to read. Lots of wisdom in that book. I do love reading proverbs from all walks of life, too.

    It is much easier on the eyes, eh, Marica? 😀

  7. @auntdeedee
    I’m not sure you totally understand the process of evolution.

  8. @auntdeedee
    Oh, and there are missing links… All over the place. 🙂
    Google “Transitional fossils”

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