When I Was a Christian

When I was a Christian I had a tendency of trying to make others believe what I believed, to see that I was right and they were wrong. Which is a really crappy habit to have. The sad thing is, when I discarded religion I didn’t discard the habit. I started to argue with Christians, to show them I was right and they were wrong.
So now I am trying to change, and I am having some difficulties. When I see religious people saying things that I know to be false about non-religious people, I get angry and have a need to convince them that they are wrong, If only they would look at things my way… And so I go down the rabbit hole again. Logically, I know I can’t change a religious person’s mind with reason, they believe without reason, but I still need to try.
I think what it comes down to is a conflict in world views. But I don’t see a way to settle the fight. I can let people be who they want to be and hope for the same in return, but will it work that way? I don’t know. And what about all the young people being brainwashed into militant followers of god? Don’t they deserve something better in this life?


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