Question For My Readers

Dear Reader,
I have to ask you something. I have noticed a trend in what kind of posts get commented on and what kind do not. It seems to me that the things I find most interesting are the lest interesting to all of you. Why is that? Are these posts to far out there to understand or do they appear silly and nonsensical? Or is it something else? I would like to no what you think.

Thank you,


2 responses to “Question For My Readers

  1. I can’t say that I have read all of your posts but I do like them even if I don’t comment on all of them. The ones I like are the Athiest Questions posts. 😀 But its interesting reading Zen Quotes, too. Keep blogging on the things that interest you. You like reading others’ opinions as well as philosophies. Keep it up! I like what you post.

  2. I come to read, to think, to absorb. Although I haven’t read all, I have liked all I have read. Lack of comment is not because of lack of interest, but more my lack of ability to express myself adequately. Visiting your blog is truly a learning experience.

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