Linux Model of Reality Unification Theory

While on my way to the Cisco lab today I was thinking about reality. I know this might seem odd, but that is the kind of thing I think about (which is why I get invited to all the parties…). So I was driving to school and thinking about reality and how it relates to existence. I read recently that out of all of existence our conscious minds pick and choose relevant bits, like family and friends, trees and houses, money and ideas and that is what we call reality. Reality isn’t the same for everybody. A lot of the time it is similar, but not the same. This would explain why so many people have so many different ideas of what reality is. Why so many schools of thought and so many religions can be seen as true by the people who believe them.

This way of looking at reality made me think of something in the computer world. Something I have been working with for years, though I think that most of you have not heard of it. I guess I will have to explain some of it as it is somewhat obscure to everyone not familiar with the Linux operating system. The thing I am talking about is the Window Manager. There are dozens of them, and if you know what they are you may also know where I am going with this. If you are a Microsoft Windows user, you will most likely think of your computer’s operating system as a collection of menus and icons. These menus and icons are set in a rather rigid way. That is to say, you can’t change much about their placement or look. There are minor theme variations, but that is about it. This GUI (Graphical User Interface) is not the operating system, it is the interface between the user, that’s you, and the true OS (Operating System), which is a collection of applications and daemons that allow the user to run software and access hardware. There are better definitions out there, but it’s something like that. The point is, without the GUI it would be a lot harder to do some things with a computer and impossible to do others, like surfing the web, editing photos, and playing your favorite FPS.

With Windows you have no choice in what Window Manager you use. In the Linux world options abound. Not only are there dozens of Window Managers, most of them are highly configurable. The user can make their desktop look however they wish. In fact, one computer running one Linux OS can have multiple Window Managers installed, to be used at will. Some people like KDE more than the rest. Others think KDE is ok, but Gnome is obviously the best. Still others find Fluxbox to be most useful (feel free to Google these Windows Managers for more information). When it comes down to it, all of the Window managers do the same thing: act as an interface between people and the OS. Some handle certain jobs better than others, some look better than others, but they all access the same OS.

Now that I have shed some light on the world of Linux I can get to the real point of this post. We all seem to think of reality as fixed, like Microsoft Windows. We see things in a certain way and assume it is the only way to see it. The only way to interface with all of existence. But how can this antiquity explain why so many of us see things completely different and are still just as able to interface with existence? If the Christian didn’t feel at lest some connection with the world through his faith, he would not continue to believe. The same is true for the Hindu, the Muslim, and all other systems of belief. And the same is also true for the Atheist. All of these systems of thought are just Window Managers. All are just one of many ways to access the System. Some are better at some things, others are better at other things. In the end we all are interfacing with the same system, which interface we use is of no importance.


41 responses to “Linux Model of Reality Unification Theory

  1. Actually Zeb, there are alternate window managers for windows. Not as many as are available for linux, but several.

    Also, have you used the boson cisco emulators, VERY nice..

  2. That is so not the point… πŸ™‚

  3. @Jimmy
    I have not used the boson cisco emulators, just packet tracer.

  4. Interesting analogy but what happens if one has no faith in the Creator, Linus Torvalds? What if there’s no faith in the foundation, the kernel with its source code, which bring life to Linux? Do Oses outside of Linux make Linux null and void? All programs under Linux must work within its laws, the source code, to work or its not Linux. In the end, it does not matter where Linux is concerned since nothing can take away from the truth of its existance and operating foundation. It can be added to by believers in the system, the laws, only to a point or it ceases to be operable for that believer-that believer then goes outside of the only true Linux.

    But, with God there will be eternal consequences for the beliefs, or lack of, by the individual. Linux has no power over the destination of its users or the non-users, after all is said and done. But God, who created us, does. We will all die with our beliefs but only truth will matter. Truth remains true whether one wants to believe it or not. Truth doesn’t even need a single believer in it to remain the Truth. Linux would never have got its life-giving breath apart from believers in it. Same with all philosophies based on man’s idea of truth or reality.

    Upon our belief in the truth of God will our eternal destiny come.

  5. BTW, very good article! Now I’m taking a course to learn about Linux.

  6. Uh-oh. I don’t know if I can trust anything written on Linux apart from Linus Torvalds’ own words on it. Should I trust any man or woman’s take on it? πŸ˜•

  7. @auntdeedee
    Thank you for reading this post, but I’m not sure you got the point. You are saying that your “Window Manger” is the only viable one. I am saying that all of them serve the same function, to interface with the universe in which we find ourselves. A universe that we do not fully understand. God, no god. Logic, no logic. All are the same. Nothing more than attempts to understand the universe. Your reality is different from mine because we have lived different lives, but our existence is the same.

  8. @auntdeedee
    Also, just because Linux has a creator and we know who he is, you can not say the same about the universe. We have no real idea about it. Yes we have thousands of guesses, but that is all they are. I would think that if there is a creator of the universe she/he/it would have let us know in a real and verifiable way. We know about Linus because he claimed his creation. We can ask he about it. Where is this god of yours? Why is he so quiet if he wants us to know about him? Maybe if the universe was made by someone they were killed in the process. That would explain the silence.

  9. @zebulonthered

    Perhaps the “Silence” is God?

    I Don’t Know why Darwinists ridicule the “God-of-the-gaps”.

    I do know, that if not for Space between particles, there could be no particles.

    I am going to enjoy the wonder of nothingness for a while.

  10. @The Blissful Ignoramus
    A god that is nothing is no god at all. What do you do with it?

  11. I’ll take Linux over windows any day.
    The Creator does make Himself known!

    I started using Ubuntu and never looked back, though lately I’ve had some problems with Mozilla crashing.

  12. @Dave
    … your link only makes sense if you already believe. Logic can bring you to more likely explanations.

  13. Dave

    I started using Ubuntu and never looked back, though lately I’ve had some problems with Mozilla crashing.

    I made a custom live puppy Linux cd that runs entirely in ram. Now I don’t have to worry about stuff breaking. If thing go wrong I just reboot and have a fresh system… And its so fast.

  14. I have a feeling most people are not really getting the point of this post…

  15. Interesting illustration,

    Reality isn’t the same for everybody.

    I would have to say this, reality is the same for everybody but people depart from it. This is definition of insanity, it is literally a departure from reality.

  16. @Dave
    Existence is the same, reality is your prescription of it. You are saying that everyone who does not see the world the way you do is insane… Do you really believe that?

  17. If we were to take a trip to the insane asylum and somebody there claimed to be Neapolitan and someone else jumped up and said “No your not, I am God and I made you Washington”
    Would you say they have departed from reality?

  18. @Dave
    Yes, but that is not what we are talking about here. We are talking about the fact that we all see the world from our own point of view. Nobody but Dave sees the world exactly like Dave does. Are all Hindus crazy? What about Buddhists? They don’t believe in your god. Are they some how detached from existence? No, just from you understanding of of it. Are you purposefully no getting this? Or are you stuck in you Window Manager?

  19. @Dave
    Sorry, I got a little frustrated. πŸ™‚

  20. @zebulonthered
    No they’re not crazy just deceived and they’re are people coming to the truth in droves all over this world. Do Christians have a monopoly on the truth? No, but we have the truth and we have reality that everyone else has access to.

  21. @Dave
    From the atheist’s point of view the only difference between religious people and the man claiming to be god in the insane asylum is a numerical one. If millions of people believed that man was god do you think he would be in an insane asylum or in a mansion on a hill?

  22. Dave :

    No they’re not crazy just deceived…

    That is more Window Manager thinking… Try to see past the GUI to the underlying system. From the system side you can see how all of the Window Managers do the same thing.

  23. Zeb there are absolutes that is the underlying system, but unlike your illustration let’s say the underlying system is more user friendly than the GUI, when people get caught up in the complexity of the GUI they find themselves missing out on the clear, precise, simplicity and blessing of the OS

  24. @Dave
    So you see Christianity as the OS?

  25. Christianity is based on the truth of God, man’s fallen condition and the world as God sees it, the Bible has answered all of life’s most toughest and deepest questions no GUI has been able to do this.
    Is there a God?
    What is He like?
    What’s the meaning of life?
    Is there life after death?
    The Bible has an answer for all these questions,
    The Bible also offers salvation as a free gift from God, no other GUI gives you this.

  26. @zebulonthered
    So yes I guess you can say that.

  27. OK…
    I’m still not sure you are grasping the point.
    If Christianity were the OS it would have to predate all of the GUIs, but it doesn’t. In fact it is one of the newest Window Managers around. Really anybody can write a book to answer these questions. The trick is to get people to buy into it. And other religions have answered these questions… Maybe you just haven’t read about the subject enough?

  28. It’s starts in Genesis chapter 1 and redemption promised by God in Gen chapter 3, long before any GUI.

    When I study God’s truth the things in this world make perfect sense. The other books don’t have answers to those questions listed above and they don’t guarantee salvation.

  29. It’s late out here on the west coast we’ll chat again, good night.

  30. I REALLY liked this post. AWESOME. I am NOT computer knowledgeable, therefore didn’t get sidetracked. So, although I greatly lack in education, I did understand your point.
    I need to copy and print off some of your posts. You need to write a book so I can carry your wisdom around with me. I’m just too darned old to retain much any more.

  31. @Dave
    …”Genesis chapter 1 and redemption promised by God in Gen chapter 3″ are part of the Christian Window Manager.

    “When I study God’s truth the things in this world make perfect sense.” That is the point of a Windows Manager, to help make the system usable… Understandable.

    Here is a link to a Hindu Creation Story,

    Here is a link on the Meaning of life. You will find Hinduism near the bottom of the page. Maybe if you set aside you bias from a moment you might see the point.

  32. @Marica
    Thank you, Marica. πŸ™‚

  33. @zebulonthered
    Hinduism teaches that the world sits on the back of an elephant which stands on a turtle that floats through space. This as been proven wrong and dismisses Hinduism as a valid source of truth.
    BTW The book of Genesis pre-dates Hinduism (by 1000’s of years if I recall correctly).

    The “meaning of life” link doesn’t answer the question.
    Jesus Christ answered this question in Matthew 22:37-39
    “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind”
    “Love your neighbor as yourself”
    The meaning of life is all about loving relationships, with God and others. First the vertical(with God) then the horizontal (with others)

    You can’t find this outside the Bible. πŸ™‚

  34. @Dave
    I’m sorry, Dave. I don’t think you are going to get it. If you are happy with what you believe maybe you could allow everyone else to do the same with what they believe.

    You have just as much proof for your beliefs as everyone else does. You might not think this is true, but it is.
    Everything you see is changed by the lens of your belief.

  35. Zeb, I do get it. I think you may be using the GUI of moral relativism. If you would please consider that belief systems (world views) do have their consequences.
    Hitler believed that it was ok to murder millions of people, was he wrong? after all he just followed his heart and did what he believed to be right thing.
    The results of Hitler’s belief system was tragic.

    So you see, when someone is walking around in fantasy-land my belief system says to wake them up to the truth that they would come to their senses, sometimes that means getting into their grill.

    Here’s a few questions that maybe you’ll consider or perhaps think about, I don’t need any answers just study these questions and give them some thought .

    #1 What do you believe?
    #2 Why do you believe what you believe?
    #3 Why should I believe what you believe?
    #4 What evidence do you have to back up what you believe?

    Jesus said “love the Lord with all your mind” Putting belief systems to the test is something that God calls us to do.

    Everything you see is changed by the lens of your belief.

    Your right, what a person believes greatly affects their world view, the way people look and treat others, the way they view themselves and the decisions that they make all flow from their world view.

    I’ll tell you what Zeb, ever since I started studying the Bible and have taken a biblical world view everything that goes on in this crazy world now makes sense. From the things going on today to what happens when we step into eternity.

  36. @Dave
    No, I’m afraid you done get it. You are making statements that prove my point, but you can’t see it.
    Can you answer the questions you pose? I would like to here them.
    You talk about Hitler, can you think of any Christians who have done horrible things? I can. A person’s Window Manager has nothing to do with what they choose to do in the OS. If he chooses to delete millions of user accounts he can do it from any GUI. It is not the Windows Manager’s fault, it’s the user’s.

  37. @Dave
    I’m sorry. It seems as though my need to be right as once again over powered my desire to avoid pointless/endless debates. Maybe that is the problem, everyone feels the need to be right. The question is why is this so…

    Anyway, good luck in your pointless quest of “getting into the grilles” of all those people who think differently than you. πŸ™‚

  38. Brother Jamis

    You never mentioned OSX!

    But really a very thoughtful and interesting blog. Even though I disagree (as you know). I wish I had something insightful to say, but it would be refuted, logically torn apart, and denied. So, as I have said recently, we will agree to disagree. Respectfully and lovingly yours in Christ.

    Brother Jamis

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