People Do Horrible Things

Did you ever notice that we tend to blame atrocities committed by people like Hitler or such things as the Salem Witch Trials on the belief systems of the people in control? Did Stalin and Mao do what they did because they were atheists? To me that seems akin to blaming a car for that actions of a drunk driver. People do horrible things because we are people. It has nothing to do with our belief system. Muslims do bad things, Christians do bad things, atheists do bad things too. Why? I think it is because we all have a deep-seated selfishness. A need to be right and in control. A person from any nation or creed is capable of horrible things. We need to stop blaming religion or lack there of, and face truth. The problem lies in the individual.


5 responses to “People Do Horrible Things

  1. I still blame religion, if nothing else, it’s the organizing factor that brought those people together and multiplied their ability to do evil more efficiently.

    As far as I know, there has been no organized group of atheist that worked together on a large scale to do evil.

  2. @Jimmy
    That could be because organizing atheists is like herding cats. 🙂

  3. Yep..Jesus even called his disciples evil in Matthew 7:11.
    It just testifies to the fallen state of man.

  4. @Dave
    You say “fallen”. I say human. To be fallen you have to fall from somewhere. How do you know we have not always been this way?

  5. Your post makes so much sense, but of course your point will be argued until hell freezes over. Personally I could agree with you more. I cannot say I am an atheist, But I am certainly not a believer of any organized religion. I once was, but am no longer. Does GOD exist? I don’t know. I do know there is a lot of evil in this world, and many of the evil doers profess to be of some religious faith. Christian people seem to be the first to denounce another and point a witchy finger while passing judgment on anyone whom they feel do not measure up.
    I am happy to have found my way to your blog. BTW, I arrived via your posts at Hinky.
    I have read most of your posts here but have not commented. For the most part I am a reader.

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