If God is Infinite, Everybody is Right

Christians believe certain thing to be true about god. As do Muslims, Hindus, and atheists. Here is the interesting thing… They are all right. If god is truly infinite, he would be all things. Everything finite would be a small part of god. So, what the Christians say about god is 100% accurate. What atheists say about god is 100% accurate too. How could anyone be wrong?
There is no point in fighting over an infinite god. It all comes down to point of view. Maybe we are all looking at the same thing from different angles.
Picture two hills with a valley in between. On one hill you have the Christian camp, and the other the atheist camp. In the valley we find a large object (god). The Christians say the object is white and square in shape. But the atheists say the object is blue and spherical. Each side can plainly see what the object looks like. Each side is also unwilling to go around to the other hill to see what the object looks like from there.
Both sides are right because they know what they see. Both sides are wrong because they are unwilling to see from another point of view.


9 responses to “If God is Infinite, Everybody is Right

  1. I would agree if we’re talking about atheists who were atheists from the get-go. But those (like myself) who used to be very religious *can* see the view from both sides. Just sayin’.

  2. @Renee Hendricks
    I see your point. I was once very religious too. But there is the all-to-human tendency to forget old points of view. I have forgotten much of what I once knew, and am now trying to recall the old thoughts.
    I don’t know if I can see the Christian side clearly anymore…

  3. @zebulonthered

    I try to keep those viewpoints in mind when speaking to those who have always been religious. Sometimes it’s very difficult (as can be seen recently LOL), but if I’m speaking to a rational and level-headed religious person, we can at least continue discussing our differences in a civil manner. I do admit that sometimes I want to smack my head onto my keyboard LOL

  4. We as Christians believe that God is distinct from His Creation, and chooses to reveal Himself through Creation. He is in all Creation, but He is not Himself Creation.

    Compare it to our children. Our children look like us, may even act and think like us, but they are not us, and we are not them. No-one would look at my son and say, “That’s Jason.” They may see little glimpses of my personality and mannerisms in my son, and compare my son to me, but my son and I are, and will remain, two distinct human beings, like the relationship between God and Creation.


  5. Nice article. I agree, if atheists are indeed talking about God, as in the qualities and such, they are easily correct from their perspective. But, would they still be atheists, or just choosing not to follow God?

    As for the two camps. I think we build our theologies based on our individual experiences, and by building on others’ that have come before. The difference is Faith.

  6. @The Wingnut
    The problem with your comparison is that you and your son are finite. God is suppose to be infinite, right? How can you have an infinite being (that is everywhere) separate from anything?

  7. @bradley
    This can be a confusing subject. It is hard to think in terms outside our finite lives. But atheists are 100% correct. That is to say, there is no god to follow. Christians are also 100% correct… Look at it this way; if there is an all powerful, all knowing, all loving being, what does it look like? If it is all powerful it does not need our praise and devotion. If it is all knowing, how could it get upset when we make our own choices? And if it is all loving would it not accept everyone for who and what they are?
    Couldn’t this explain the diversity in divinity we see here on earth? God doesn’t care would we do. Everyone is right. But then I guess everyone is wrong too. We really have know way of knowing some things, like what happens when we die.

  8. Again your post gave me much to ponder.
    I appreciate all that you share here.

    What happens when we die. Some whom have had the experience of death, believe there is something beyond this life. This still does not mean GOD exists.

    I suppose I am in the valley between the two images, and so close I haven’t been able to define either one.

  9. Well, from my perspective… (assuming I am looking at the valley and witness these two camps and the strange white box with a blue rounded side… I can see what both sides are talking about. I can see the christian side AND the atheist side from my point of view.

    I was a non-believing christian for a long time. I was an atheist before I knew what that word really meant. I have been to both camps.

    I like the camp I am in. My vantage point allows me to “see” to a certain extent what both sides see. I see a little bit of the white and the blue.

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