Is Infinity Real?

I have been thinking today about infinity. Is it a real thing, like a brick, or is it an imagined thing the number -1? It appears to me that we apply the title INFINITE to anything we haven’t found the end of yet. For example, once human kind believed the surface of the earth went on in every direction forever. More recently we thought that the universe was endless. Using logic we have come to the conclusion that neither are true.
In mathematics a person with adequate training can add, subtract, multiply, and divide infinite numbers. In geometry it can be shown that an infinite number if lines radiating from the center of a circle are not truly infinite when said lines are extended beyond the circle.
What does this imply? If infinity is a purely human concept and only our attempt to understand the universe, then there really is no such thing as an infinite number, an infinite space, or an infinite being. Just finite ones in a variety of sizes.


6 responses to “Is Infinity Real?

  1. Loving it. The key is in the “real”. Real immediately imposes a human measure.

  2. There is infinite wisdom. You just proved it. Thanks!!

  3. zebulonthered;

    Infinity, just like the measuring of time, is a concept of mankind. Man could not accept life as simple & pure. Man had to come up with a way to show progress as moving forward and a way to track back to show wasted time?

    Everthing in the universe is both finite and infinite at the same time.

    Consider the concept of time. Man has past-present-future. What is the present but the space between the past and the future? It can be an hour or day. But it can also be a second or nano-second.

    The nano-second had to be conceived to deal with things very large, like galaxies and stars. Before man knew of these things he was content with the sun-dial. As man becomes more in tune with his surroundings the need arises to divide nano-seconds even smaller and smaller. At some point, past & future collide and become one. This is circular time.

    The universe is conceived both finite & infinite. It’s the only way it can exsit. Anti-matter vs dark-matter.

    And now an eye opener for the believer.

    God is both infinite and finite. He has to be infinite to create matter that is finite. And He has to be finite if Christians believe Jesus is God incarnate. Because man is finite matter.


  4. @Glen
    “Everything in the universe is both finite and infinite at the same time.”
    I can agree with this statement. If we look at the law of conservation of energy, we ca see that the matter we (and everything else in the universe) are made of is made of energy and energy can not be destroyed. So we as individuals are finite, but the energy that we are made of is infinite. Kind of like Lego blocks, they can be make into all kinds of things. Things that are unmade at the end of the day. The block remain to be something else tomorrow.

    I don’t know about your concept of time. I think the past and future are imagined things. The past was the present once but now it is gone, but for our memories. The future is never anything but any image in our minds. There is only now. This moment in time is all there is.

    I am not sure what you mean by “Anti-matter vs dark-matter.” did you mean Anti-matter vs matter? Even then I am not following…

    Maybe god is both infinite and finite, because we call him infinite he is, as the term is a man made concept to help us understand the inconceivable. And finite because when the last human who believes in him dies he will die too. Like all ideas are domed to do.



    you said, “I think the past and future are imagined things.”

    To the most part YES, this statement carries a lot of truth.
    Time is something man came up with because man can not comprehende anything outside of his domain. Time does not really exsit. The past & future are all the same thing if you think of time as a thing and not a measurement.

    Think of it this way. You have a reel of film with 35,000 frames that makes a movie you need 1-hour to watching. (the human mind can only digest x-number of frames at one time. more for some people, less for others, but we’re still only talking about 3-4 frames.) Time cannot be framed in this manner. Time is a completed thing. Not divided up into three parts.(past-present-futre).

    Now think of the same movie being 1-picture. Another words you have the ability to see all 35,000 frames in a nano-second. To be super simplified: The Theory of the Big Bang took/takes, 1-minute from beginning to end. Man can’t see this. It’s too big for man.




    Anti-matter: In particle physics, antimatter is the extension of the concept of the antiparticle to matter, where antimatter is composed of antiparticles in the same way that normal matter is composed of particles.(finite part of the universe)

    Dark-Matter: In astronomy and cosmology, dark matter is a hypothetical form of matter that is undetectable by noraml means. The vast majority of the dark matter in the universe is believed to be nonbaryonic, which means that it contains no atoms and that it does not interact with ordinary matter.(infinite part of the universe)


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