Logos, The Next Mythos

I have heard it said that we need to distance ourselves from mysticism. Because it is not based on reality we (modern humans) need to instead rely on logic and reason alone. I am not sure that this is a logical statement.
We need to keep in mind that at the time when any myth is believed it is based on reality. At least reality as the people of that time understood it. If it was not why would they believe it? Today we are in a transitional stage. The old mythos is no longer seen as real to a growing minority and a new one is starting to take hold. Could it be that Reason is the new mythos? It has the ability to allow us to see the world in a new way. The question is, is it the final, end all, way. I mean there are flaws in the system. Places where logic breaks down.
Could it be conceivable that in the future we find a better way of understanding the world? I think that if we close our minds to the idea of a better system than logic, we are no better than the religious people who close there minds to logic.


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