New Road For Atheists

We atheists have been trying to convince Christians for years that god is imaginary. How is it working for you? I found that all we are doing is alienating ourselves even more by trying to get people to see reason on a belief they came to without reason…Faith.
How is this helping the world become a better place for everyone? How is constant and endless debate fixing anything?
How is it not insanity to do the same thing over and over and over hoping for a different result? All we are doing is feeding hate.
Here is my idea of a new road for atheists to take. Instead of trying (pointlessly) to prove gods non-existence, let us try to show Christians that atheists are moral, loving, real, and sane human beings with families just like them. With the current Christan view of atheists no one will even think about trying to contemplate listening to us. We are seen as evil incarnate. Maybe if we can change that perception, we can change the world for the better… Just a thought.


19 responses to “New Road For Atheists

  1. For the most part it is a waste of time, but not always. We can’t really expect to convince the masses, but there will be a few. The seeds of my deconversion were planted by someone simply asking the hard questions. I mentioned to several people on my facebook where I write most of this type of anti-theist argument that I was thinking of stopping. I received several request to not stop, from believers who enjoyed being provoked to question.

    I think it’s a worthwhile endeavor, even if only a few listen…

  2. @Jimmy
    I understand your point, but there is a big difference between asking hard questions and debating untill everyone is pissed off.

  3. The debate is often the answer to the hard questions…

    About all I do is debate. The truly indoctrinated will likely never forsake their “truth”, but those that are willing to face reality will. The problem is, you can’t tell by looking who those people are. I say keep debating, you won’t convince those that don’t want to be convinced, but you may just be providing the evidence that someone on the fence is needing to help them make the leap. I was trapped in religion, no one directly tried to talk me out of it, or convince me that I was wrong. I read the debates between the theist and non-theist. Eventually the rational argument sunk in.. Freedom has been a wonderful thing indeed.

    You might read “The God Virus”, I’m reading it right now, it’s eye opening indeed. ( a little off subject, sorry).

  4. @Jimmy
    So, you are saying that the debate is for the audiance, not the debaters?
    That makes sense… I think. But I am nott convinced that is the best way of changing minds.

  5. I’m not an atheist, but I’m all for it. Please, show the world righteous living. Teach wisdom.


    zebulonthered :@JimmySo, you are saying that the debate is for the audiance, not the debaters?That makes sense… I think. But I am nott convinced that is the best way of changing minds.

    Yep, it’s not about the play, it’s about the actors.It’s a 2-way street. I enjoying talking with Thinkers. If they be an Atheist, no probelm. If someone is impressed by my Christian walk and wants to go down that road; then great again. I just like to explore the universe.


  7. zebulonthered;

    I’m curious? Was there a comment from me deleted? If so that’s OK. I just need to know if you did or I somehow sent it into cyber sapce?


  8. Zeb, I like your idea… but I still want to see your posts of what you feel, and those writes that give one pause to ponder.
    I was shocked a few weeks ago when my cousin said she was NOT a Christian. She really threw me for a loop. At the time there was not opportunity to question her as to what her meaning was. We live several states apart, and she was visiting for a short time so we didn’t get a chance to talk further. I have invited her here and hope she will comment, as she has such wise thoughts about Christianity, the teachings and beliefs.
    I always thought of Atheism as something bad, as bad people with negative attitudes. I had distanced myself from organized religion, and began searching for inner peace and answers several years ago, but didn’t realize until most recently that this is not so unusual, and I am certainly not alone. Please continue to write and post your thought provoking articles. I feel what you do is not so much an effort to change the world, but offer those of us who are lost in that valley trying to figure out exactly what we are looking at. Thank You for your wisdom and efforts here.

  9. @Glen
    No, for some reason your comments are coming up as “to be moderated”. Which is odd as I have the moderation stuff turned off…

  10. @Marica
    Thank you again, Marica, for your kind words. I will continue to write and think. This new road I am talking about is a road of conversation and peace. A move away from the anger and debate. I am saying if atheists can find a way to be peaceful while opposing that which we see as delusion. Then maybe we can get somewhere.



    qoute, “This new road I am talking about is a road of conversation and peace. A move away from the anger and debate. I am saying if atheists can find a way to be peaceful while opposing that which we see as delusion. Then maybe we can get somewhere.”zeb

    Amen, we all have to live in this world together wither you believe or not.

    And thanks for answering my inquiry about deleted post. It must have something to do on my end. It happened with other blogs???

  12. Even if you have moderation turned off, your blog might have a setting that limits comments to one URL. If a comment contains two or more URLs then it might automatically be held. (Depending on the value in that setting.)

    I agree with the theme of your original post. I personally don’t try to make anyone believe anything as far as the existence of God is concerned. I respect that people have different beliefs that me, and not just about God, either. About all sorts of things. Heck, politically, more often than not I’m in the minority. 🙂

    There is one bit of recent news regarding atheists that I think ties nicely with your post.

    Research shows religious individuals and non-theists are equally moral

  13. @shoutabyss

    There in lies the Dilemma. Mankind has always been inherently good to those that are closest in doctrine or dogma to himself. Mankind is historic in attacking those outside his comfort zone. Does not matter believer or non-believer. Look at religious wars between groups of opposing doctrine.

    Atheists are just as protective of their off-spring as Christians or any other creature.

    We can debate about after life for Eternity. But for the here and now we need to live together.

  14. Zeb, I ask myself the saem question. My wife asks me the same question. She brought up an interesting point the other night.

    She said that Atheist need to get on the same PR campaign that the GLBT comminuty have been on for the past 20 years. Although, the GLBT community still has a long way to go for equal treatment (check same-sex marriage debates all over this country) it is a measurable distance from 20 years back.

    It is my estimation that we might want to looking into this model and see if this is something we can apply.

    I think the debates are important. I think that even though I find myself getting frustrated, on occassion, it is worth the time and the effort.

    I think if more people realize that Atheist don’t have horns, like picnics,beer, wine, sporting events, have children, are teachers, doctors, lawyers, grocery store clerks, etc… we may come to realize we are just human beings like everyone else on this speck in space.

    I enjoy reading and watching debates and I do think that most believers do not question their faith and should. Even if it “scary” territory it should be available to them and to us all.

    I enjoy chatting about other things like Italy and cafe and movies too, but I do enjoy a decent debate about belief.

    Thanks for having a place for us all to share and talk.

  15. Hello everybody;

    Thank you Zebulonthered for opening this site it has been enlightening and very interesting and I look forward everyday to the replies. It’s amazing that you have gotten so many people of different beliefs together to carry on intelligent dialogue.

    I need more information: Can anybody tell me what one event or epiphany brought you to not believe?


  16. Wow. I must have been half asleep when I wrote what I wrote above! GRAMMAR POLICE! ARREST THAT MAN. My apologies.

    Thanks ZEB for the blog. I appreciate having you and “it” around.

  17. Thanks everybody, I appreciate all the comments… Not just here, but on all my posts. I can’t think of a better way to work ideas out than to talk about them with people of differing mind sets. What good is there in talking to those who think and believe the same as yourself? How can new things grow there?

  18. @Glen
    “Can anybody tell me what one event or epiphany brought you to not believe?”
    Maybe I will write a post on this tomorrow…

  19. Zeb, thank you for the dose of politeness.

    Too often I see fellow atheists mistaking shouting for dialogue, and it disappoints me – there’s nothing quite like turning into the stereotype you’re trying to counter.

    I would love to live in a world without dogmatic beliefs (religious or secular), but I would also really love to live in a world where people are not demonized for having a different opinion.

    Give me civil discourse over a shouting match any day.

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