Why Do We Need To Be Right?

Have you ever noticed that we humans tend to disregard ,with out a second thought, the thought and beliefs of those who have different ways of looking at things? Way is that? Is it not possible to learn something new from other world views?
I think it all comes down to the overwhelming and unhealthy need we have to be right. Why do we have this need? What good does it do? I don’t know for sure, but maybe it has something to do with connection between self-worth and beliefs. At some point we start to become linked to our belief system in a subconscious way so that if someone says something against our beliefs we feel as though they are saying something against us. We think that if our beliefs are not seen as valid, we are not seen valid. This mindset has a negative effect on the growing process of individuals and nations. It is not an easy task, to learn to think in a different way, but maybe we should try.


3 responses to “Why Do We Need To Be Right?

  1. Requesting your permission to copy and print off this post to carry with me for my own personal needs. Or, if you would rather email me a copy with your consent to print. I cannot explain here, but would in private communications with you.

  2. Chris Jensen Romer

    Absolutely right dude. I’m always wrong, but so is everyone else ultimately: but we act like it matters, when really we should enjoy the party and the rows! 🙂 You said it much better than I ever could though zeb: respect.

    cj x

  3. Having share this post with a few others I was truely shocked by the reactions of some. I hate to admitt that I am 63 and really have no clue how closed minded the rest of the world is. Not only do many have to be RIGHT, these same people are 100% stone deaf. The need to always be right isn’t just about belief in GOD and religious faith.

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