KJV or Hell

I was just remembering a talk I had with a co-worker some time ago. He was telling my that if a person (me) reads any bible other than the King James Version, they will go to hell. When I asked where he learned this little bit of wisdom he told me about a study group at he church. It turned out that the pastor at this Baptist church endorsed this belief wholeheartedly. I then asked the next obvious question, “Why?”. His answer was that the KJV was the only version true to the original text. That is nothing was added or removed. He even have a double sided informational page with all the bad stuff added to the NIV that was not in his KJV.

All my life I read the NIV so I knew little about the King James. When I got home that night I did some research and the next day I presented my co-worker with 17 pages of information about the KJV. Including some things about King James himself and the apocrypha. Of course he never read any of it… The next day I asked him what he thought about the information I gathered. He promptly told me that he chucked it as soon as I left his sight.

Now I know that Hell is make believe as is the bible, but this is a nice example of closed minded non-think. Don’t you think?


5 responses to “KJV or Hell

  1. Very closed minded, and many theists accuse atheists of being closed minded because we don’t accept the possibility of gods. harrumph

    On the subject of different bibles, I have two software programs “the sword project” for my desktop PC and “BPBible” as a portable app, for which you can download multiple versions of bibles and compare verses side-by-side, search, etc. They are free.

    Do you have a copy of that information on the KJV, or links to it?

  2. Sorry, I do not have it. I have become a minimalist since then(among other things). I got rid of 90% of my stuff and that material was in the “don’t need” pile. 😦

  3. not to worry, there’s always google if I really need the info.

  4. KING JAMES: OK, got a question about this maybe someone can answer for me. It is my understanding that KJ ordered this printing of the Bible. I am told this man was a total nut case. Are these statements fact.

  5. Marica ~ If we keep in mind that the winner write the history books, we see that no one will ever know anything for sure. 🙂 But… I have read that he was a homosexual (No that there is anything wrong with that) that had a habit of killing his lovers.

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