Magic Jesus

“Returned the tv we bought last night at Best Buy, because of the
BlueRay player in it. Walked out with a bigger tv for a lesser price.
Talked to the sales guy about Jesus and he was helpful to very end,
and cut us a deal. Thank you Jesus for the people that are willing to
stand and talk about you in public, while they are on the job!!!!”

The above quote is from one of my wife’s FaceBook friends. He is always good for this kind of comment. Jesus can’t seen to get food to the 3rd world or cure cancer, but he can get you a deal on a new a television… Thank you Magic Jesus…

So, is it that god loves this guy so much that he gets discounts on consumer products, while the rest of the world gets dirt? Or is it more of a in-group mentality that allows strangers to feel a connection, thereby increasing the possibility of a discount on said products?


16 responses to “Magic Jesus

  1. I suspect that most of Jesus’ problem in delivering food and sustainable lifestyles to the third world has more to do with our desire for home electronics than any lack of power on His end.

    I wonder how much rice that money could have planted and irrigated?


  2. I wonder too. 🙂

    I am not sure I understand your comment fully. Are you saying if Christians didn’t desire huge televisions, Jesus would have more power to work good in the world? Or are you saying that his power is IN Christians, so he can only do good if they want to do good?

  3. Superstition is very common, everywhere. Except for maybe Atheists.
    I’m not surprised when people bring it into Christianity. I don’t agree with it, but I’m not surprised by it.

    afa the power being in Christians, it is a common teaching that Christians are supposed to be His hands and His feet. I’m surprised you haven’t heard that one.
    You know, giving a cool cup of water to a child, etc.

  4. But where is the head that would control the hands and feet? My hands and feet do as I say. Why not so with Jesus?

  5. I think I’m following the wrong Jesus, because I’m still watching those fuzzy DVDs on one of those puffy TVs.

  6. The hands and feet are still trying to learn how our muscles work.

    Except for some hands… some hands just want to make everyone miserable, offering zero constructive benefits for mankind.

  7. You know what?.. My previous comment was neither constructive or a benefit to mankind. Sorry. I’m trying…

  8. Tim~ Could be. 🙂 I don’t follow any kind of Jesus and I don’t have a TV…

  9. Bradley ~ What are you talking about?

  10. Zeb, maybe there’s something there about the connection between TVs and Jesus. 🙂

    Anyway here are my thoughts on why someone would say something as idiotic as your wife’s friend. I’m a student of world cultures and every culture has cultural core beliefs that at the heart of their culture (Why we operate, what we are afraid of, what drives us). Those things shape our values, behavior and how we see life. When I lived in Ghana, the cultural center was two things: Community and spiritual forces. Those things shaped every aspect of their approach to life. In America, the center of our existence is: Self and Money. We would say “I think therefore I am.” Culturally an African would never never say that. He/she would say “I belong therefore I am.” Their identity is based in community, not individuality. Neither is right or wrong, just different cultural mores. AND those things are clearly seen by someone on the outside looking in. As you clearly see with that person. All people do this everywhere.

    I could go on about the differences, but right about now you might be wondering…what does this have to do with Jesus or TVs?

    Americans have self and money at the center of their culture, and what this person (and many people) have done is superimpose their cultural mores on the what their belief system. Often it’s so enmeshed, they don’t even see how one has corrupted the other. In this case his Christianity has been superimposed by the American culture. It’s wrong and not what Jesus taught, but it’s a very clear picture of that cultural confusion.

    So my logic would tell me that Magic Jesus proves that all people have a hard time separating culture from belief. Nothing more. Nothing less. Your thoughts?

  11. Tim, I think you are right. It is a cultural thing, but I think that lightexcelsdarkness is right also. Superstition is a big part of most people’s thought patterns.

  12. I wrote the commentand lets just say you all are missing the boat!!! None of you know me or what I have gone through in my life so I’ll start with last year. Didn’t have a job and had a ton of material possesions. I sold 80 % of what I had and went on a mission trip to Mexico. I was taught that money was my god at one point in my life, not anymore. Jesus give things and takes them away. I’m being thankful for everything God and Jesus do for me everyday so before you make comments about someones thinking, matbe you should walk a mile in their shoes, or ask them what has brought them to this place in their life.
    Zeb I pray for you and your wife all the time that God would come back into your lives. He isn’t that far from you.

  13. I think the biggest problem is confusion. Our lack of ability or desire to understand each other. Its natural for us to ridicule what we don`t believe or understand. Just as it is also natural for Randy to react defensively as soon as his point of view is challenged.
    I believe in the Lord Jesus with all I am, but alas, I also still have a puffy TV. The deal you got was a blessing, and that`s wonderful. But I think that part could have been omitted all together. Because the real glory of the experience was being able to momentarily fellowship with another person, because of the love you share for Christ. The fact that 2 people are secure in their faith and don`t hide it from the world is refreshing. The TV was just a prop, and therefore, it was really of no consequence.

  14. I think the guy was simply sharing that he was thankful for being able to share his faith. The context of the tv is simply the place where the exchange took place. I doubt that the guy gave him a deal on the tv because he talked about Jesus. Seems people are mixing the two events to try and make a debate out of it and paint a christian in a negative light.

  15. Randy ~ Thank you for stopping by. I hope you will come back in the future and talk with me and all my friends who comment regularly on my posts. 🙂

    I know what it is like to have nothing. I have been there. I am there now. I don’t mind, material possessions are a trap. We gave 80-90% of our stuff to Good Will last summer, it was freeing. I am now an unemployed full time student. So I think I can understand you. 🙂

    Would it be safe to sum up your above comment from your point of view as follows?
    Your “god” was money so the real God took away all of your stuff to show you that you were worshipping the idle of money.
    After you learned your mistake God give you a chance to redeem yourself. But instead of using all of your god give resources for God’s work, you use it to accumulate more stuff. All the while thanking Jesus for it. 🙂

    Now I wonder. what does your god want more, your thanks for him allowing you to waste his resources and the chance to slowly fall back into the worship of money , or your willingness to live the life you claim to live… Not just lip serves.

    I am not trying to sound harsh. I am just looking at things from your side. 🙂

    Don’t bother praying for us. If you want to do something useful, every time you think about praying for us give a dollar to feed the homeless. That will make a REAL difference in the world. 🙂

  16. What I have found in my simple studies of anthropology is there are two reasons a country is poor this day in age.
    1: their religion prevents them from having more.
    For instance, Buddhism prevents its practicers from eliminating the enormous amount of pests that eat their crops and imports.
    2: their government prevents them from having more.
    Such as the government of Vietnam not allowing its citizens to gain wealth or goods to prevent keep them dependent on them and preventing an uprise. Or Haiti stock piling all the food and supplies we send in after the disaster and demanding that we pay tariffs before they permit distribution of the goods allowing the people to starve before they get rich.

    It makes sense that in a Christian nation where these stupid restrictions are not (or WERE not) present that a man would praise the God he believes enabled him to have such.

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