Random Christian Questions?

I have been doing a series of random atheist questions for awhile now, with varying success. Today I was thinking that maybe Christians might like a turn. So, Christians, do you have any questions you would like answers about Atheism? If so leave them in the comment section below and I will post them under “Random Christian Question #”.


5 responses to “Random Christian Questions?

  1. Amazing. Then again maybe not. Strange, These people believe in Jesus, & in HIS HOLY name they believe they are protected from negative influences. Yet those I know won’t even read and consider anything outside their own beliefs.

  2. As one who still meanders through the valley between Atheism and Christianity, I realize I don’t really know what either is. So, if you would please explain what Atheism is. Thnx. Marica

  3. Thank you, Marica.
    I will post this question right away. 🙂

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