Why Indeed?

“Why would someone who doesn’t believe something be so obsessed with trying to disprove it?” I am getting tired of answering this question. Christians think it is their hole in one, slam dunk, ace up the sleeve, ultimate question that will unfailingly stump every atheist on the planet. Here is a video by NonStampCollector they explains how thing really are… Enjoy!

I don’t normally like video posts, but I think this explains the issue better than I can.


11 responses to “Why Indeed?

  1. That’s just weak. Oppose something for a reason, not just because you don’t believe it. I actually agree that arguing against something doesn’t mean you believe it, but this video is horrible. Voltron existing has no bearing on whether or not I would petition for a cease in local tax dollars going to constructing a statue of Voltron. Voltron believers can make laws all day long. If they push for something I disagree with, I’ll vote against.

    You’re coming across as a little territorial over the surrounding air you may or may not breath. Just replace “heathen sinners” with “superstitious homophobic holy rollers”… if you want people to stop treating you like a religion, stop acting like one. Are christians ruining your little vision of paradise? Boy I hope we can keep that ideology separate from state. It almost sounds theocratic.

  2. Voltron Lives!

    Bradley you seem a little angry.

  3. Heheh, not angry. Just amused. πŸ˜€

  4. bradley ~ I guess I don’t understand your point.

  5. My point is to help you see the illogical approach you apparently take. Or, I guess it’s not illogical if your goal is to focus your hate on nothing more than the color of someone’s spiritual skin.

    With all your “open-mindedness” and “words of zendom”, I would have never pegged you for a fascist. πŸ˜‰

  6. Bradley ~ What? Fascist? What? Are you watching the same video as me? The one linked above? I don’t think you get it…
    It is trying to explain why the Christian belief that atheists really believe in God is a silly one. What one are you watching?

    I don’t care what you believe, Bradley. Believe that you are a large, floating, blue turtle for all I care. Just don’t assume that I secretly believe you are one too. It’s rude. That is the point. It is saying that Christians have no right to force their believes on other human beings. To do so, that would be fascism.

    I think we are running into that “point of view” problem again.
    How about you don’t call me a fascist when you don’t understand me and I don’t call you one when I don’t understand you. πŸ™‚

  7. I understand the video. The video asks me to step into the shoes of an atheist, for a moment, to see a group of Voltron believers that hold political power.

    I am supposed to oppose the direction the party wishes to take our country. Then, rather than merely opposing the actions that I deem inappropriate, I’m suppose to attack that group’s way of life. Common sense would suggest that I simply oppose what I actually oppose, but that’s not powerful enough is it? The video suggests that there are so many voltron believers that there’s no hope for my party’s political power. So, what else is there? I guess we just need to undermine their beliefs and all of their “afro-jive” ways. If democracy and egalitarian rule doesn’t work for me, I should resort to attacking the people instead, right? We can’t have a bunch of individualism floating around… as long as people still believe in voltron, he-man, or boba fett how can the Holy Church of No-Belief gain a majority?

    I know your post is about christians saying you believe in God simply because you oppose god. I get it. It’s simple. I said I agree with you. The video, however, resonates with the utter nonsense of attacking a person instead of the action. Forgive me if that’s just my indoctrination talking, but I don’t see a need to speak ill of short people because a short person committed a crime. But, I guess if short people were ruling the world, I would need to oppose the “filthy shorties”? That doesn’t make any sense, Zeb… It’s either a deep seated hatred toward short people, or simply ignorance.

    OK, so maybe it’s not fascism. Maybe it’s just ignorance. Perhaps you are, indeed, the victim of oppression. The video, that you support, suggests that your strategy is to attack the beliefs of the oppression in order to dismantle the numbers. That just won’t work, Zeb. There are too many people in need of healing in the world. There is too much positive that comes out of a personal relationship with God. That’s just ignorant to try to battle God. Haven’t you heard? My God is as strong as a f-ing unicorn. πŸ˜‰

    May I, instead, point you toward Nietzsche’s master-slave morality. He seemed to understand the power of an oppressed people switching the moral paradigm. If you want to undermine Christianity, it’s foolish to attack head-on. Use some common sense. Undermine Christian power by reversing the values within society. Look around, it’s already working within American society. All you have to do is glorify dressing and acting like sluts to teenage girls, emphasize dependence on the government, and advertise all of the possessions that will make you whole when you own them. But don’t stop there… make it seem unappealing to help the poor and elderly, make some signage that reads, “Make Whores, Not Love”, and treat family values as if they were a plague. That’s how you do it with some effectiveness, Zeb… but, Nietzsche was just another fascist…

    You remember another post when we talked about knowing what the enemy is, instead of just everyone else? You’re right, I don’t know you… but I DO know that video. Whether it’s Christian, Atheist, or Midget-hater, the enemy doesn’t change.

  8. Bradley ~ I am going to draw a comparison. You don’t have to buy it and I know you won’t see it as anything close to the same thing, but this is it…
    How did the Civil Rights movement change the face of America for the better? By voting to elect men and women of African descent to political office? No, how could they. They were an oppressed people, surrounded my a sea of hate and misconceptions. Instead they held protests and spoke out. They put everything on the line in the hope that one day they would be seen as real people. Real citizens with equal rights. Real citizens who can be who they are with out other people telling them they are bad or wrong or stupid or not fully human or any number of other things.
    So they stood up and spoke out for themselves and they changed things. Slowly they changed peoples minds. Is that a bad thing, Bradley? Why is it wrong for atheists to stand up and speak out? I know you will give me reasons why African Americans and atheists are not in the same boat. I know there are differences, but there are more similarities. We all have the right to be who we are, to believe what we believe as long as that belief does not hurt anyone. Maybe you can’t see it, but many of the main Christian tenets hurt a lot of people. People who what to be who there are. People who are not hurting anybody.
    Maybe you still are not buying it. Okay… Where did the idea that atheists are immoral come from? Why does half of the American public not want their kids to marry an atheist? Why will they not vote for an atheist for president? Why do people I have known my whole life look at me that way when they hear that I don’t believe in god? Did I suddenly turn into a monster? Then there is the of homosexual thing… Why do so many people see that as evil? Where did all the hate and violence come from. Why can’t they be treated with respect? The answer to all of these questions can be found between the covers of one book. The book that Christians all over the world read to get there moral guidance. The bible.
    So, what should the atheists do to become equal citizens in more people’s eyes if not the horrible action of standing up and speaking out? Let me know, would you? πŸ™‚

  9. Yep, I don’t see the similarity between the “atheist revolution” and the civil rights movement. Atheists can vote… atheists can hold office. White America was fearful of black power (among other things) so they were oppressed by any means necessary. Atheists gaining power doesn’t really scare me. I’ve taken the Pepsi challenge… there’s really no comparison. I just dread the hell we have to go through for the world to see it… like trying to reinvent the wheel with a square. 😦

    It’s just like the Holy Romans… they’ll continue to collapse in on themselves as they’ve done ever since they deviated away from Christ. It’s a shame that we have to endure it, but who am I to attack it. Am I any better? I’ll clue you in… I’m not.

    I didn’t say atheists were amoral. I’m just illustrating that by upholding the same values that Christians hold, you’re only reinforcing and buttressing their “evil” hold on the world. As long as helping the poor and downtrodden are considered great, Christ will reign. That’s why you didn’t get any atheist support on your post about your idea that instead of atheists arguing and attacking christians, you should just show how good and decent you all are. You could be the most genuine and loving person in the world, but that doesn’t change the fact that Jesus said to be that way. Stop being loving and show the world how helpful that is, then get you some power.

  10. So Jesus was the first and only person to every say we should be nice to each other? Really? Hmmm…

    I think the reason atheists are not trying my “new road” is simply because it does not work. We can be the nicest, friendliest people on the planet and Christians will still claim that we are not to be trusted. To many Christians have their eye shut to the possibility.

    But you probably wont agree with that either…
    How about we agree to disagree on this as it is pointless to continue this line of discussion.

  11. “So Jesus was the first and only person to every say we should be nice to each other?”

    No, we’ve been able to see the truth since the dawn of man. We just keep chasing different gods instead. Reminders are good… painful sometimes, but good.

    “But you probably wont agree with that either…”
    What makes you say that? I am very aware of man’s nature. I can’t even be totally sure I’M blameless, at the moment.

    “How about we agree to disagree on this as it is pointless to continue this line of discussion.”

    Fair enough. However, I have a clear understanding of what I oppose and I’ll do so every time. Have a terrific afternoon. I don’t know about you but… the weather’s getting pretty amazing in my corner of the globe. πŸ˜€

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