Non-Christian Nostalgia

I recently wrote a post about Christian nostalgia. I got a lot of feedback from Christian Friends suggesting that what I was really feeling was GOD calling me back, which is a bit odd considering that I participated in the “blasphemy challenge” and we all know what the bible says about that. 🙂
Anyway, last night we watched “Finding Neverland” and I had another even stronger feeling of nostalgia. At the end of the movie when the wall disappears and the actors float through the air I was reminded of reading Peter Pan as a child. I remembered how much I wished I could fly (I used to run and jump, thinking that if I really believed, I could fly). I got a little choked up and everything… My Christian friends told me that god was using Aslan to show me that he was there. I have to wounder if Peter Pan was using this movie to show me that he is real too. 🙂


2 responses to “Non-Christian Nostalgia

  1. You have an awesome way of saying a lot in few words, and making one heck of an impact on my mind. Very much appreciate this post.

  2. Thank you Marica. 🙂

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