Random Atheist Question #15

How do Christians justify or explain their apparent prosperity and lives of ease in a world where so many starve to death every day? Does god love everyone equally or are American Christians somehow special?


7 responses to “Random Atheist Question #15

  1. If you were God, would everyone prosper and flourish?

  2. I don’t know. I never thought about being god…
    I guess if I were a god I would try harder to get people to know I was real… Like showing up or something… Then I would say, “Hey, lets play nice and share.”

    But I am not a god. I can any share what I have.

    Is that your answer to the question?
    “If you were God, would everyone prosper and flourish?”

  3. No, I don’t really have an answer. I have tried my hand at solving the “God-problems” in my head. It’s pretty difficult.

    It does seem like, though, if we all flourished, we would have insane population growth… which would lead to disease… unless there was no bacteria or viruses… that poses all kinds of problems, though… we can just skip to living space issues… unless land was infinite… then we would just all spread out and die off… or some would civilize, grow in power, then enslave the weaker humans… but then that conflicts with prosperity… ughh… I already lose the god-game… I’ll just stick to learning to play Go. πŸ˜€

  4. I think you’ve touched on one of those icky inconsistencies in Christianity. Some folks go out and use the Bible to justify certain behaviors, verses and all. Then they go home and conveniently ignore and/or twist the parts that don’t suit them. In the case of the rich that would be the parts about wealthy people not getting into heaven.

    To answer Bradley’s question, no, I don’t think everyone would prosper and flourish. The reason for that, of course, would be free will. But I think there would be, maybe, a skosh less of “what color shall I paint my fifth yacht” and more of “yes, that family can have food and health care.”

    How that would be accomplished, I’m not exactly sure. Perhaps, like zebulon says, it could be accomplished by not only revelation but also some divine guidance. πŸ™‚

  5. Yes, good point. There IS a tough tension between being “materially blessed” and being spiritually blessed, for lack of a better description. I’m not going to be ungrateful for the thing I DO have, but think about the “blessing” of having to keep up with the Jones’. We (the collective) have to maintain two plump salaries, with very little family time, just to afford the “necessities” in the US. That seems warped…

    As for divine guidance… God say’s, “I gave you a freaking burning bush.” πŸ˜€ I’m joking, but I wonder what we would actually view as sufficient divine guidance. I think at this point, God could literally do a flying roundhouse kick to our left ear, pick us up, grab our head, and point our face to the starving people around the world… and we’d probably say, “Yeah, someone really should do something about that…”

    I know I get all caught up in my life and often forget all about other people’s suffering…

  6. Prosperity “gospel” is not the true Gospel, and anyone who tries to say otherwise has read way too much into the prayer of Jabez.

    It’s a dangerous thing when we choose to believe that God is simply a vending machine that gives us bigger TVs if we pray the right things.

    In this regard, Zeb, I think you’re closer than many who claim Christ as their own.


  7. Well, I had a fitful night sleep last night. I’ve thought about this whole situation and I have a fun proposal, if you don’t mind. I don’t know where you stand as far as charitable giving… and I don’t want to put any pressure on you, but I’d like to play a little giving game with you.

    It can’t be much… unfortunately I have a lifetime of bad decisions that I’m still trying to fix, and I’m rather maxed out on what my wife and I have agreed to give. However, the largest portion of that amount is toward “the kingdom”, if you will, and the other small percentage is for local benevolence.

    So, in honor of this topic, helping worldwide, and building a bond between you and I (or anyone else)… would you like to pick a charity and be charity buddies with me? I’m serious about it not being much… I’m very maxed out and these are hard times for us, personally, but I’ve learned that God always seems to provide for my needs… if not monetarily, then by satisfying my craving for that money.

    I’m serious about this… no pressure, but wouldn’t it be fun? We don’t have to discuss the amount or feel any shame… from what I read a single dollar goes a long way in some parts of the world.

    Think it over… I still have to discuss with my wife… we are expecting a daughter soon… it’s imminent, apparently. πŸ˜€

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