Things In The Water

Well, the semester is done, and so, I have some time to relax. Yesterday I walked down to the river. The sun was shinning, the flowers were blooming, and the birds were singing. I stood on a small dock and looked down into the flowing water. At the end of the dock there was an old metal pipe coming up out of the river bed. It was just tall enough to cause small ripples, but no quite tall enough to break the surface of the water.
The pipe was corroded and worn, it made me think of time. I thought time is like this river, always moving, always flowing. (I know real original, right?) And I thought that I am the pipe that is slowly being worn down and corroded. I stand still and time flows past me. Time changes me, but in a small way I change time as it swirls around me.

Or maybe I am like the frog that jumped in as I started to walk back home…


3 responses to “Things In The Water

  1. Grats on getting another semester under your belt. May-mester incomming?

  2. Thanks, Bradley. 🙂 Yes I have me biggest semester yet this summer. But then I will be done!!!!
    I will not be able to spend as much time blogging as I would like for a few months. 😦

  3. No worries, mate. The Good Fight will always be around as long as people want to fight it. Take care.

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