Random Atheist Question #18

Okay Christians, do you have any evidence that non-human animals have any less of a soul than Man?

And no the bible does not count. Feel free to ask me why that is. 🙂


5 responses to “Random Atheist Question #18

  1. Sorry, no proof off the top of my head. I’ll give it some thought.

    If only animals wrote a bible explaining their soul… but honestly, if they had, it would have probably just been filled with a bunch of nonsense about squirrels having dominion over the trees and chipmunks. They would have rambled incessantly about acorns being provided by God for their sustenance, without any regard for the life of an adolescent plant species. You know the maniacal psychopath… always up for killing babies. Wow, cliche’ atheist cynicism works for all species. 😀

  2. Bradley~ I know you are trying to be funny but…
    You do know that there was a time when humans could not write, Right. Did we not have “souls” then? Is the ability to write the proof of a soul? You are probably right though, if squirrels could write a bible of their own it would, most likely, sound like that.

    The question with that could be, are we capable of moving past or rising above our own egocentric, self important beliefs of a human centered universe to a higher understanding of how the world really works?

  3. I guess we could see ourselves as insignificant, but I have already moved past self-hate, personally. I just think we are the best species for tending to the affairs of the planet. We have a lot of capability and, subsequently, a lot of responsibility. We screw it up in some areas, but do well in other ways.

    Listen, I think it’s great that you’re a vegetarian and have an obvious passion for animals. I really do. I don’t hunt, myself. I actually have multiple gray squirrel families and flying squirrel families living in my attic, wreaking havoc (much to the bewilderment of everyone I know), just because I don’t want to risk displacing them when they have babies… and they ALWAYS have babies. I get it, Zeb. I think it’s great. But, there IS a difference between species. We have dominion. We have a responsibility to protect ourselves and our environment to the best of our ability.

    I’ll tell you, honestly, I couldn’t shoot a deer unless I really needed to. But, I have no problem eating the meat other people killed. I don’t find it wrong to kill animals to eat. What’s your opinion of other living things?… like viruses.

  4. Seeing ourselves as insignificant has nothing to do with self-hate. It is nothing more than looking at the universe realistically. Planet Earth is a small speck in a very very very big universe… very. And we are a rather new small speck on Earth. I don’t see how that could be seen as self-hate.

    Thank you for accepting my vegetarianism, but this question has nothing to do with it. 🙂
    I was looking into the Christian idea that we have souls while all other life is soulless.

    As for my opinion of killing other living things “like viruses”, I would have to point out that viruses are not classified as alive. 🙂 Look it up. As for killing any living thing. I would kill for the sake of self preservation. That is to say if something or someone was trying to kill me or my family I would fight back. But I will not kill an animal for food. We are better suited for the consumption of plaint matter than animal matter. We don’t need to kill animals to live, we just do it because we like to and because we think we need to. Neither reason seems adequate.

    Here is a link for you…

  5. Yes, Earth is a small speck in a very very very big universe, and yet, here we are… the only humans around. We’re pretty special, Zeb. I’m not saying other things are not special, as well. Everything has purpose, though that purpose is often decided by others. An individual only needs to change it’s purpose, if so inclined.

    Meh, viruses… they seem alive to me. 😀

    You’re in good company acknowledging our bodies are better designed for roots, fruits, and veggies. I think Daniel, in the bible, even initiated a vegetarian challenge with Nebuchadnezzar. More than that, I believe all of the Nazarenes held a strict vegetarian diet, which would make Jesus a vegetarian. It makes sense.

    I’ll tell you what… I’ll never force you to eat meat, if you don’t force me to not eat meat. 😉

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