Does Zeus exist?

I have this three word question for any and all Christians…

Does Zeus exist?

And, no,  I will not ask you to prove that he doesn’t. 🙂


11 responses to “Does Zeus exist?

  1. Chris Jensen Romer

    yes. There are many thousands of words of mine on the existence of Zeus on the JREF and Dawkins old forums, but I’ll reprise them here if you want. And yes I’m still a Christian.

    cj x

  2. HI Chris… Long time no see… Lets hear it.

  3. Chris Jensen Romer

    I believe people can experience a divine reality, and that Zeus etc are reflections of that reality, just as my model is. To use a term from philosophy of science i’m an Objective Instrumentalist, and apply the same reasoning to theology as to science -“the map is not the territory: but different maps can closer approximate the ineffable reality”.

    Hope clarifies.

  4. So you are saying that your god and other gods from other religions are all just approximations? That there is a reality behind gods, we just can’t see it clearly?

  5. Chris Jensen Romer

    Yes, absolutely. Some models are closer than others, but none = the reality

    cj x

  6. So it doesn’t matter what or if you believe… They are all wrong and right. Why be a Christian?

  7. Chris Jensen Romer

    Because I see Christianity as a closer to the truth model than say Zoroastrianism, just as I see Dawinian evolution as a better model than Lamarckianism?

  8. I see Zen Buddhism as closer to the true model than Christianity. Is that ok with you? Or do you think I am hell bound?

  9. Chris Jensen Romer

    Of course it’s ok with me — it’s how you see things, and you could well be correct. We both can test our views against empirical reality, and try to work out the strengths and weaknesses of our models?

  10. Chris Jensen Romer

    No I hadn’t, but the title conjures up visions of you running a Ubuntu reality while i run a Red Hat reality – which is actually very close to how I see things, theologies as interface languages. I’m running my weekly Ars Magica game now, so I will be off libne for a few hours, but I promise to read it when I return online tonight or tomorrow.

    My latest is – do comment if oyu find time ot read it

    cj x

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