Vegetarianism is Not Extreme, Killing Animals Because They Taste Good is

Some of my family members and some of my readers have told me to stop being so extreme in the area of animal rights and vegetarianism. Well, I have been thinking about that for a few days now and thought I would share what I have been thinking.

In my mind there is little or no difference between humans and other animals. We all breathe. We all bleed. We all feel pain. We all die. Sure you can talk to people and understand what other people are saying better than you can with other animals. But is that their shortcoming or ours? Sure you can say that we wear clothes and drive cars, but does technology make us smarter or just smart in a different way? Maybe dolphins think we are just plain stupid for wasting all of our time making houses and cars and all the other junk. I don’t know and neither do you.

From my point of view the way we treat other animals shows us what kind of people we are. I hear people talk about the horror of war and of abortion. But if we can’t treat the animals around us with respect, how can we expect others to treat their fellow humans with respect. There is either sacredness to life or there is not.

When I am at family parties I will sometimes say something about the dead animal on the table. When I do I get looked down at and told to be quiet, that I need to keep my opinions to myself. Well, the same thing happened in the days of human slavery in the south. What if the people opposed to slavery just kept their opinions to themselves? When social injustice is the norm, the just are scorned. Yes I am comparing the animal industry to the intuition of slavery in the American South and, no, I do not see that as a problem. We all have the right to live free, all animals everywhere.

Yes, I know that animals eat other animals in the wild. That is how they survive. A loin cannot eat grass; it lacks the digestive system to do so. We can eat plants and live. In fact we would be healthier.

*Follow the link in the first comment below to see some information on this subject.

I don’t know that I am being extreme in my thinking. Life is life. Or it should be. I think it might be more extreme to kill millions and millions of other animals for taste and profit. We don’t need to eat them. We just want to. I find that sad.


2 responses to “Vegetarianism is Not Extreme, Killing Animals Because They Taste Good is

  1. Interesting link! Although, what if we really, really like the taste!!!!

    I’ve got to do some more thinking on this. Turkey sandwiches have been good to me lately, so…

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