Walking Meditation

I read a Buddhist saying today about how we should walk as though we are kissing the earth with our feet. This is an interesting concept to me. It brings to mind a kind of harmony. One that is lacking in the world these days.
This saying prompted me to do a barefoot walking meditation up and down the dirty road in front of my house. The road is mostly smooth with gravel here and there. It is also partly shaded my trees. This made for a fun experience because I noticed that in the cool smooth spots I smiled inwardly, but on the stony hot spots I did not. This is because my feet like smooth cool ground and do not like stony hot ground.
As I was walking and feeling the earth beneath my feet I was watching my mind react to it. I have to wounder why I should not be happy about walking on stony, hot ground too. After all both are experiences, neither caused me any harm, and I was alive and able to walk. Maybe I need to pay less attention to my preferences and more attention to what I am doing…


2 responses to “Walking Meditation

  1. You know, I just spent most of last week barefoot, over pavement, hot pavement, gravel, sand, hot sand, mushy clay, and some woodchips. My feet kinda hurt when we came home….But now I’m back at work, wearing my work boots, and I feel…weird…There is much to be said and experienced by going barefoot.


  2. Everyone should take some time to walk barefoot and feel the earth.

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