I am tired of being misunderstood or misconstrued. So I am going to stop talking for awhile.



8 responses to “Silence

  1. Hey, you’re preaching to the choir. In addition to being misunderstood, try tacking on people that are intentionally setting out to undermine your belief system.

    Rest well, Zeb.

  2. It seems to me that you’ve been pretty clear about where you stand Zeb.


  3. Bradly~ “intentionally setting out to undermine your belief system. ”
    I hope you are not taking about me. I am not undermining anything. I am talking about the world the way I see it. It just happens to be different from the way you see it.

    Wingnut ~ It might be clear where I stand… might. But it is obviously not clear way I stand there.
    You and Bradley are very liberal in your views compared with most Christian I talk to. Many think that I am evil for speaking against the bible and god. Many think that I am agree at god. Some think that I am lying to myself. Who know what else is thought about me.
    I think it is hard for Christians to except that a person can not believe in god. Or for a true Christian to become a non-Christian. Many think that I am being trick my Satan or doing his work because I choose to.
    It is hard to understand a person when you believe things about them that are not true.
    You see a grubby old, toothless man reaching for a child on the street. The girl looks terrified. What is going on? Is the guy trying to hurt the child or help. Can we see the whole picture? Maybe there is a truck around the corner about to run her over.
    We have preconceived notions about just about everything. Dirty old homeless men and ex-Christan especially.
    Maybe you get why I am here, but you are one of a small few.

  4. You’re fighting windmills, Zeb. I am no more liberal than any other Christian. Perhaps I may seem liberal compared to modernist ideologues or those choosing to live under the old covenant, but that’s not liberal.

    I can’t really speak about the “other” Christians you talk to… I only know of those that comment here, those within my family, those of my friends, those at my church, and the rest of those I’m surrounded by that I can only speculate as to their worldview. And, from what I can see… you’re not describing any of them. I mean, that’s the cliche’… but…

    Sure, there are nut-jobs… I’m probably one of them, but they are everywhere. Sure, those that love us most probably botch it up the most… I’m sure I do, but that’s just a reflection on our loved ones trying to handle a situation out of their control. Sure, not everyone needs “It” or wants It… but there are a lot of people that ARE hurting and I want to help people… don’t you?

  5. Bradley ~ I am not sure what you mean by fighting windmills…
    Maybe you are saying that Christians are not like how I describe them? I have been talking with Christians and living with them and have been one long enough to know what I am talking about. Everyone always says they are not like this are that, but so many do and say things that show they are.
    As for the average Christian, you live in Georgia and I live in Michigan. Maybe they are different in your town? I don’t know.
    And of course I want to help people who are hurting. We just have different ideas of what “helping” is.

  6. No, I just think you’re describing “people”… Christianity is different.

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