Religion and The Mullet of Truth

In the grand scheme of things, truths go in and out of fashion about as fast as hair styles. If you were to have you hair styled in a fashion from the 1950’s, people might stare. From the 1850‘s, people might laugh. Hair styles change and evolve over time to fit the environment of the minds of the time.

In the same way, the things we accept as truth change in our own lives and over the course of history. What was popular 10,000 years ago, or even 1,000 years ago, is not popular today. For example, most people know that dancing naked around an idol will not bring rain. Today’s truths will look funny in the future.

People think that their hair style makes them look better. People think that their truth makes the wold look better too. If this were not true, I don’t think anyone would care how their hair looked or what the truth was.

So, in some ways religions are like hair styles. But what style best describes the different religions of the world? Well, Buddhism is an easy one. Their monks shave their heads. They say the only truth is that there is no truth. Then there are Rastafarians, they think that smoking the reefer helps them get closer to god. Maybe you can think of a better hair style for them, but I am thinking dread-locks here. Let’s see… Next we have Jews. They grow long sideburns and long beards because the Torah says they have to. They have not changed their style… ever. Then there are the Christians. The problem here is that there are so many different kinds. Some are flat tops, some are shoulder length. Others have spikes. This reflects the fact that people interpret the bible in different ways. The last religion/hair style I want to mention is the small cult Mullet. They don’t stay in style very long and everybody who does not have one thinks they look silly.

The problem with truth is that people from any given religion see people who do not share their truth wearing a Mullet. They think, “Why would that person want to leave the house with hair like that?” or “What is wrong with them? Look at the state of their head.”

But in the same way all hair styles are artificial, so are all truths. Hair just grows, anything we do to it is a choice. The way we perceive the world is not that different.


33 responses to “Religion and The Mullet of Truth

  1. Interesting analogy! If we don’t have our own unique perspective of truth, then we must be accepting someone else’s – perhaps? I’m just not sure that most people relate a “truth” to their lives in a significant way. Even though I think all gods are imaginary, I’m not bold enough to say that I have “the truth.” I stand firmly in the “I don’t know” camp on how the universe got started – and it doesn’t change me at all to remain ignorant.

    I tend to think that humans place far too much emphasis on views or ideologies as being better, or right, or in some way superior. But maybe we need to separate those thoughts from the actions they might promote?

  2. There is a song that says, ” You’ve got to stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything.” The truth is that the people of Germany weren’t strong enough to to stand against the propaganda of Hitler. Once things were rolling, it took practically the whole world to stop him. So sometimes right or wrong may not seem too important, but those seemingly insignificant steps can lead to a critical point.

    Hitler was able to persuade his country that their Jewish citizens were to blame for the nations woes. Once it became a dangerous thing to disagree, the country was his, and then the next country. This sort of thing plays out again and again, down through history. Human beings, in spite of taking from the tree of knowledge in the garden of Eden, still can’t always tell right from wrong, or truth from falsehood. We sometimes have a hard time doing the right thing, even when we know it’s right.

    Pontius Pilate was a real politician. Jesus said something to him about the truth, and Pilate dismissed it by saying, “What is truth?” If he had believed the words of Jesus, he probably wouldn’t have consented to the crucifixion. Jesus said,”I am the truth,” and I’ve come to the point that I believe him. I took the long road to arrive at that unpopular conclusion. It would take more writing than I can do to tell about it.

    I think it’s better to stand in the “I don’t know camp,” than to claim to know something if it isn’t true. I agree that most people don’t “relate a truth to their lives in a significant way.” Most often we change the rules as we go along, but that usually doesn’t change the world for the better.

  3. Thanks for the comments, guys. 🙂

  4. zeb,

    There is a great deal that I agree with you on. I haven’t yet had the time to say so in detail. There’s a lot you’ve written that I would like to comment on.

    I think the world has made the universe of Christ appear a lot smaller than it is. I think the church is guilty of this also. That’s because human nature operates within the church as well as without, and it’s easier to silence questions than to answer them.

  5. If you what to comment, you had better do so soon. I am not sure how much longer this blog will be up. 🙂

  6. Why would you think of taking the blog down??


  7. More and more I feel that it is a waste of time and energy. It seems like nobody is really listening… including me. I think that I need to go learn something about understanding other peoples perspectives. Then maybe I can talk about it in a way that people will understand… I don’t know.

  8. Well, don’t take down the blog. I always find it’s easier for me to articulate my views and ideas through the written word.

    You can blog while you work on understanding. As a matter of fact, you’ll never really learn to understand in a vacuum. You’ll never understand your perspective or others without interaction, and a blog is pretty well-suited for that.

    As far as listening, you and Steve really hashed out some issues regarding miscommunication and words. Seems to me progress was being made.

    Remember, you can’t be listened to if you stop talking.


  9. I’m pressed for time, but I agree with The Wingnut.

  10. I am planing on talking to Steve some more. But… I don’t know. I was thinking about writing a short book and, in the process, work out a way of communicating to others how I think the world really works.
    When it comes down to it, What happens on this blog? I give my opinions and others tell me that they agree with me in part but over all I am missing the mark. I don’t agree with most of the things people believe in. I think there are better ways of doing things, but it is I who must keep an open mind. It seems like almost everyone thinks I will come to my senses and believe in Jesus once more. That is not going to happen unless something unprecedented happens. Something like Jesus showing up and saying “hi”.
    I need to think about the blog…

  11. You DO have an open mind. You’re out here talking about it! Christianity and Islam, for example, cannot consider any alternatives by definition – they already have the entire truth. They do NOT have an open mind. When the mind of a Christian opens, God falls out and they come to their senses!

    You’re good! Keep up with the interesting topics.

  12. Jetson, I laughed when I read you comment. “When the mind of a Christian opens, God falls out and they come to their senses!” Did you come up with that? Can I use it?

  13. Why, certainly!

    And remember theists, atheists don’t close their minds to gods, they open their mind to all possibilities – to which every god has failed to materialize. After all, if a god is real, I would not need to “believe” in it. It would just be real.

    Once a real god is established, the conversation can move into specifics about what the god does, and how it interacts or not, with us tiny humans.

  14. Zeb, I’m going to echo Steve. If believing in Jesus is not something you can do intellectually, then don’t do it. I’m not going to try and force you to believe once more, because that’s not belief, that’s coersion.

    All I can to is explain to you what Christianity is, from my admittedly limited point of view. I certainly don’t have a grasp on the entire truth, but I can show you how I see it.

    You can do (and have been doing) the same thing here on your blog. If you keep at it you’ll get better. Everything takes practice.


  15. Well said, Wingnut.

  16. Happy Friday!! I hope you guys have as beautiful of weekend in your corners of the flat Earth as it’s shaping up to be here. Glory to God, Glory to God, Glory to God, Foreveeerrrrrrrr… Man, there’s nothing quite like flying down the highway on a day like this, with windows down screaming that song till your throat hurts… and I used to make fun of Christian music. 😀

  17. Hi, Bradley.

    Left field again? Or is this a passive aggressive act because you don’t like what Jetson said?

  18. Wingnut,
    There is a difference between hoping and forcing. Are you saying that you don’t hope that I “come to my senses”?

  19. wow… nope. I guess I’ll just post here when I’m down in the land of misery. Boo hoo… such a crappy day. 😀

  20. I hope you find the Truth which we are all seeking. Would it matter if I hope you become a Christian again?


  21. @bradley – I am glad that you are having a great day! That’s what life should be about, at least as much as possible. There’s not much that can get the adrenaline going like a good song. I do it all the time, without Jesus!

    @Wingnut – not everyone is necessarily seeking a Truth. People seek happiness, friendship, love, companionship, and all sorts of things that they believe makes them happier. If the Truth is something specific, even for a large number of people, that’s great for those people, but not so great for others. A Muslims, Jews, or Hindus would not seek Truth through Jesus, for example.

  22. Yeah, great Jetson. You’re right… nothing like getting your adrenaline going that blasting out a good song. However… try wailing and shouting adoration for your God at the same time. Now THAT’s worth sharing.

  23. @Jetson: My take on Truth is this, that God has revealed Himself to His Creation in myriad different ways. Or, put it another way, the Truth of God is discovered by humanity in different ways. I do believe that Jesus was and is the ultimate revelation of this Truth. I suppose that brings me a bit closer to Universalism than some Christians are comfortable with, but oh well. I believe that all Truth belongs to God.


  24. Wingnut ~ Would it matter if I hope you become a Christian again? No, but that is not the point of the question.

    Also, if all Truth belongs to God, does the Truth that I know, his non-existence, belong to him as well? 😉

  25. I guess I really don’t know why you brought that question up then. It doesn’t matter, does it?

    That would be some paradox, wouldn’t it? Imagine God trying to work that one out.


  26. I brought up the question because if you hope that I turn back to Jesus, then you see me as missing something or you think that I am being deceived. If you have that mind set, nothing I say will be heard for what it is… And yes, I have noticed that you have yet to answer it. 🙂

    I can’t imagine god working anything out… 🙂 But it is a paradox.

  27. As a matter of fact, I did answer the question. You must have not understood it correctly because I don’t believe the same as you.


  28. Did you answer it with a yes or no? Because it was a yes or no kind of question… Having a day day or something? What is with the juvenile comment?

  29. If I say no, then I of course am assuming that you are somehow away from your senses and should come back.

    If I say yes, then I am clearly biased against you and thus unable to have a reasoned, intelligent discussion with you.

    So I’ll answer it again: I hope that you find Truth, the eternal Truth that we all seek.


  30. I am not sure you have that right…

  31. zeb,

    I think you would have to agree that if Satan existed, he would do his best to keep understanding from becoming a reality. I feel like I’m misunderstood more often than not. I came to believe in Jesus through my own studies. No one persuaded me. Now, the things I want to talk about seem to be confusing to most church leaders. You wouldn’t believe how often I have been opposed.

    I honestly believe that most of those who have tried to silence me are sincere Christians who simply don’t know where I’m going. You can’t explain yourself to someone if they won’t let you finish a sentence. I am so sick of the contention that I just keep my mouth shut in the church that I now attend. The internet is the only place that I express my thoughts.

    I hate to see someone forced into silence. I believe that you must establish a dialog before understanding can be reached. I believe this is why God allows us freedom of speech. I would hate to think that through my arguments I might drive someone further into themselves, and possibly farther from God.

    Disagreement is unpleasant at best, but it seems to be a necessary part of life in this world. I started my blog because I needed to say something. I can finish a sentence even if it’s a poor one. If I don’t have time to answer, or I don’t want to, then I don’t have to. Hang in there.

  32. I wont speculate about what imaginary beings would or would not do. 🙂
    Don’t worry about me. If that is what you are getting at. I have said pretty much everything I wanted to say. If anybody listened, great. If not, What more can I do? I can’t force anybody to see the truth as I see it any more than you can. I am not going further into myself or farther from your god. I am just tired of talking about it and thinking about it.

  33. I understand. It can become tiresome.

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