No Such Thing As An Atheist?

I have heard it said that there is no such thing as an atheist. I have heard it said that we really do believe in the Christian god but are lying to ourselves about it. Why? Because we just can’t handle the reality that God is real and/or because we want to live “in sin” without fear of judgment.
I don’t think you are crazy or stupid for believing in gods. Humans have pretty much always done so. It is a flaw in our genetic makeup. But if you think others believe what you believe even when they make it clear that they don’t, you are (at least a little) crazy or stupid. Well, maybe not but you are certainly delusional. If I say I don’t believe in your god, it is because I don’t believe in your god. To assume otherwise is sad.
Think of it this way: if I were to say that there are no theists, just atheists pretending there is a god because they can’t handle reality or because they want someone else to take the fall for their sin filled lifestyle, would I be correct? No. I could believe it all day long. I could shout it from the roof tops but in the end my belief on the matter would have no effect on the reality of it.
So, if you are one of those who believe I really do believe in your god, it might be time to reevaluate that belief.


2 responses to “No Such Thing As An Atheist?

  1. Actually, I do think you are right – everyone is an atheist who clings to belief because they are afraid of dying and not existing anymore

    so it’s easier to cope with life, pretending its’ a dress rehearsal for something else

    but the problem is when people act as that that is real, so they have no problem with killing people and hurrying them to their final judgement or worse, killing them slowly by legal discrimination and oppression

    when that final judgement was the believer’s decision to condemn their life and end it

    be it openly in an inquisition or in a crusade by by their own hand

  2. People claim to have a personal relationship with God, and that God reveals himself individually to people who open up to him. But I have observed that those who seem to truly believe they have a personal relationship with God are getting very different messages. Some are getting a peace and love message while others are being called to arms to fight a holy war against other people who believe God is on their side supporting their cause. I therefore have to believe that some of these people if not all of them just think God is talking to them when he really isn’t. God apparently doesn’t reveal himself to realists like me. God could reveal himself to me – but he chooses not to. And even if he did reveal himself to me personally – that doesn’t qualify him as real to the Church of Reality. I am after all just a guy with an idea. I do not control reality. God doesn’t become real based on the belief of Marc Perkel. In order to qualify as real to the church of Reality – God have to come out in an objective form that everyone can observe in the real world. There is a possibility that God exists and that he is deliberately concealing himself for us faithless Realists and that it is his will that people like me never find him. If that is the case – then it is the will of God that realists like myself don’t believe in him and that God is in control and that we Realists are doing exactly what we are supposed to do under God’s plan. The standard for reality in the Church of Reality is that for us to declare something is (probably) real – it has to be something that is objectively observable in the real world by any observer. Personal revelation does not meet this test. So – even if I were to personally believe in God – that isn’t good enough for the Church of Reality. We are committed to believing in reality the way it really is.

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