Both Christians and Atheists Are Fools

Everyone has heard Christians quote Psalm 14:1 to atheists.
“The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.””
According the the Hebrew words rendered fool in Psalms denotes one who is morally deficient. I wonder if the average Christian who uses this verse to insult atheists knows what they are really saying. I would guess not. They most likely think the word “fool” means a stupid or idiotic person so we will go with that.
Everyone has also heard Atheists say that Christians can’t be all that bright if they are stupid enough to believe in fairy-tales, not understanding how evolution works, and not recognizing confirmation bias in the realm of prayer. The mind that uses reason instead of faith has a difficult time understanding how these things could be missed by a thinking and intelligent person.
Why am I pointing out that fact that both Christians and Atheists think the other group to be fools? Simply because both groups are fools. Not for the reasons given but because both assume the other are fools for not seeing the world as they do. I see no evidence for a god or gods anywhere in the known universe. I could be wrong about that. I don’t think I am but who knows? If I am wrong, then I’m not a fool. I’m just wrong. The same is truth the other way. Many people see what they perceive as evidence for a god or gods everywhere they look. They could very well be mistaken. Does that make them foolish? No, it just makes them mistaken.
Whenever we get to a point where we start to assume members of other groups are fools because they disagree with us, even on seemingly huge topics, we are the ones being foolish. One can be smart, well read, compassionate, and wrong about any given thing simultaneously. It’s not difficult.


One response to “Both Christians and Atheists Are Fools

  1. Come back! All the fools miss ya!

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