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My name is Zeb and I Work in the IT field. I am married and have a 11 year old daughter. I am a Linux man and love to repair and maintain computers and networks. I am also a minimalist/vegan/dyslexic/hippie, with a desire to help people and to get them to think independently. I wish to do away with slavery of every kind.


20 responses to “About Zeb

  1. I love your purpose in life that you have found! I wish more people would think independently from established patterns. Conformity breeds blindness, and truth will always keep us free from slavery.

  2. Zeb, Thinking for myself has sure gotten me in a lot of situations. Seems like when I follow my own path in life, and it isn’t considered the norm according to family & friends, I tend to end up on the shrinks couch. Interestingly enough, the shrink always tells me I should probably distance from these people.

  3. Sorry, I forgot to check he notification boxes. There are few blogs I care to do this with. Yours is third on my list of notifications.

  4. @Marica
    I am glad you are willing to follow my thoughts on this odd path I am walking. Blogging is certainly making the journey interesting. 🙂

  5. Zeb, I like to think I am a pretty broad minded old broad. To be honest I have about had it with trying to live my life by the rules and regulations set forth by those who seem to feel they have all of the answers. It occurs to me that I just might possibly have an answer or two as good or better than those previously journeyed through life ahead of me. As my cousin pointed out tonight, All religions tell us theirs is THE ONE, and if we do not live according to their belief then we are doomed. Now they cannot all be correct, and who is to say that our own belief isn’t the answer. We all arrive in this life by the same route, yet we are all different.There is no reason on earth that we should begin different and end up the same.. or something to that effect. I have copied and pasted a couple of your posts and sent on to her along with a link to your site.
    It is really strange, that she and another cousin and I have much the same thoughts, and yet we have not been close over the years. Only since the deaths of our parents have began keeping in closer contact and learning a bit more about who one another really is. Anyway, I hope she comes her, as I feel your site and observations are very worthy of consideration. The post on GOOD & BAD, has really provoked a lot of thought for me. Thnx for sharing your thoughts and feelings.

  6. Zebulonthered,

    I noticed Linux in your Bio. I have an old Dell with win.98. Could I somehow put Linux on it instead. And run Firefox and other free stuff. What minimum requirements should I look for?


  7. @Glen
    I would suggest Ubuntu if you computer is fast enough. It is very use friendly and good for beginners. The min. sys. req. are a six gig hard drive, one Ghz P4 processor, and 512 MB of ram. Your computer might not meet these requirements. I have found that in older PCs smaller Disrtos can do miraculous things. The problem here is they are harder to set up. You may wish to download Puppy linux and make a live cd. If you have plenty of ram the whole OS will run from there making you computer very fast. If you computer is really lacking in the realm of size and speed, you could try DLS, or Damn small linux. The entire OS is 50 MB and can run an a 486 with a full GUI environment. Both Puppy and DSL or live cds that can be installed on the hard drive if you wish.
    If I were you I would do some reading on these three Linux Operating Systems.

  8. Hmm, thanks for the information. I have newer computers I currently use. It sounds like the old 98 is not going to be worth anything as a guest computer no matter what I do.

    Thanks for saving em the effort.


  9. MenAfterGod.com


    What’s your feelings on Mac vs PC?


  10. @MenAfterGod.com
    Macs are better PCs are cheaper…
    Mac os X is a Linux derivative so that is good. 🙂 And they tend to use higher quality hardware, so less system failures.
    If I could afford one I would have an Air right now. I don’t know if I would be running Mac OS on it, but I would have one.

  11. Thank you, Martinpribble.

  12. Zeb,

    Bring your netbook with you the next time we meet.

    I might have some interesting things to share with you on OSX.

  13. Steve Wunderink (frankie's husband)

    Zeb … if you are ready for a serious discussion I am more than willing … but first you need to define a few terms for me. No meaningful discussion can take place when we use words that mean different things to different people:

    Define these definitions of yourself for me:
    Zen Budhist
    “think independently”

  14. Hi Steve,
    How is life in the big city?
    I am more than happy to define these words for you.

    Minimalist – To own as few material possessions as possible. I could even
    go so far as to say that I don’t believe anyone “owns” anything.

    Zen Buddhist – I am not exactly a Zen Buddhist, but I follow many of the
    practices. I do not believe the supernatural parts of Buddhism. I have my
    own ideas of how things work. Buddha said to try all of it, and set
    aside what doesn’t work.

    Hippie – I say I am a hippie because I think that the System is broken
    and we need to do something about it. I also think about what I do and
    what I buy, how it will effect me and those around me. I don’t use soap
    or deodorant and I rarely use shampoo because they are bad for me and the
    environment. I think that corporate America is an unnecessary evil. I
    think that we need to rethink how we do things. I could go on…

    “think independently” – Independent thought is looked down upon in this
    culture. If someone has the nerve to think differently, they are shunned.
    People have an “understanding” of how the world works and they hold to
    it, even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. When we
    teach our children that there is only one way of doing things, we are
    setting them up to be mindless zombies. We tend to get upset if they ask
    too many questions, and so they learn to stop asking. That is bad.

    slavery – Bondage, either mental or physical.

    I could elaborate but I don’t like writing books. 🙂

    What would you like to talk about?
    I can make a post for the subject if you like.
    Oh, can you write a little bit about yourself so I know where you are coming from? Thanks.

  15. WOW … where to start … I’ll ask a question in each of your definitions and see which rabbit hole we want to go down …

    Minimalist: Why would it be wrong to “own” something or to “possess” something?

    Zen Buddhist: You are not “exactly” a Buddhist so there is some wiggle room there but what are the “supernatural” parts of Zen Buddhism? What is your “idea” of how things work?

    Hippie: So hippie is the opposite of corporate America? AND hippie is protecting the envrironment through watching what you do and buy? What are your thoughts on a better way than corporate America?

    Think Independently: Why do you think independent thot is looked down on? Is “independant” thought the same thing as “different” thaought? What if there IS only one way to do things? (1+1=2, etc).

    Slavery: Do you think you or anyone will/can EVER be free from some sort of bondage or do we just trade one bond for another?

    there’s a start … let’s go from there

  16. Steve ~ I think we could take them in order but I have to ask why you would care why or what I think. I have not heard from you in years and you show up here and start probing into my life. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind. I am just curious about your motivations.
    Also, I was hoping for some info about you. I have some vague memories but nothing more.

    I will respond to you question about Minimalist: Why would it be wrong to “own” something or to “possess” something?

    I never said it was “wrong” to own things I said that I don’t believe anyone “owns” anything. It is a Buddhist thing I think. I don’t keep a lot of stuff because I do not wish to be attached to things I do not need. Attachment leads to suffering… I don’t think that we can own anything anyway. All we have is our minds. Our thoughts. Our deeds. Everything else we just use for awhile. For example, how can we own land? It has been here for billions of years. We have only lived for a few decades. If anything the land owns us becuase we came from it. Owning things is an artificial human construct. And not all humans think of things in that way.
    Think about it. Do you own anything that can be taken away at any moment? Your shirt? Your car? Your life? All we have is our minds, thoughts, and deeds. When those are trampled on it is a great wrongness.

    Now, how about it. What is your motivation and you Bio.

  17. Good questions.

    I care because I choose to. I have known you for a long time even though we have not spoken in years and even when we were in the same state we didn’t speak much. I am not probing into you as much as, I believe, you are probing/challenging the world (religious world, corporate world, the MAN, etc) My motivating is nothing beyond Proverbs 27:17.

    My bio? I am a cultural exegete.

    Minimalist: “I don’t believe anyone owns anything” I think I understand. But now we need to define the word “OWN” What does it mean to own something. Sounds like one of your definitions of ownership is “to be attached to” something. Another definition for ownership is to “come from” something. Also you define it as possessions “shirt, car” or something that can be taken away. So you gave me at least three difinitions for ownership of something. Remember without agreeing on the definitions we can’t get anywhere, it is as if we are speaking a different language.

    If you define ownership as “being attached to” I would agree. We should not “own” or attach ourselves to anything worldly, anything that can rust or fade away. But we can and should attach ourselves to each other right? Isn’t that what marriage is al about? Isn’t that what love truly is? So by that definition of own we vow to own each other when we get married, when we have kids, etc. Attachement leads to suffering YES but it also is the only path to truely loving someone. You cannot love someone if you are not attached, engaged, and OWNING each other.

    The second definition is to come from something signifies ownership like we come from the earth and to the dust we shall return. Buddhism teaches that we should not be attached to this world, detachment is the goal, not NEEDING the things of this world is a step to Nirvana. Okay, to follow that teaching to its completion if no one owns anything then everyone owns everything correct? Unfortunately that reasoning leads to chaos and the only thing that holds off chaos is artificial human constructs like laws on ownership, on stealing, on rape, on killing. It is NOT the artificial human construct that are the problem, they are necessary to keep chaos away. The problem is silly and stupid humans using those artificial constructs for their own gain and selfishness.

    Lastly your defnition of ownership is over things that can be taken away. And you are RIGHT you should not become attached to someTHING that can be taken. But again, that referrs to THINGS and not people. You MUST become attached to people.

    Let me give you a few simple definitions of “ownership” of my own and see if you can agree with them.

    Ownership is a temporary economic transaction. Used to keep stability in a society.

    Ownership is stewardship. To own something means that you are responsible for it. YOU must care for it, nurture it, grow it, see that it is better after you leave than it was before you came. Therefor the more you own the more responsibility you have to be a steward. If you are a good steward the more you own the better it is for society. If you are a bad steward the less you own the better it is for society.


  18. Steve, I am going to move this to a new post. I think it may get to big here.

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