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If I Don’t Believe in God, Why Do I Talk About Him At All?

If I don’t believe in god, why do I talk about him at all?
Well, maybe because the idea was fed into my brain from infancy by well-meaning parents. Maybe one never really gets past the need to fight against the brainwashing that was done to him especially when he sees it being done to others. Maybe every time I hear someone say “God bless you” I am reminded of the fact that the majority of human kind is still trapped in the superstition and delusion that is religion and belief in gods.
Do I find pleasure in the seemingly pointless and endless debates? Does it made me happy to argue the same points without being heard in any real way by those trapped in god belief? Is it fun for me to get the same non-answers skeptics got a hundred years ago?
No. So why do I do it? How can I not? If you woke up one morning and saw something that was fundamentally wrong with the world, would you roll over and go back to sleep or would you stand and fight for change? Some people stand and fight for water for Africa. Some people stand and fight to end abortion. Others stand against drugs. I stand against what I perceive as the greatest enemy of human kind: the notion that gods are real and that old books should guide our every step.
I do not fight out of hate. I fight because I care. I am a part of humanity and I care where we go and what we do on the way there. If you can’t understand that, if you still cling to your preconceived notions about me, well, then I guess we will be enemies. But for my part, I do not fight you. I fight the trap you are in. Maybe someday we can be friends when the traps are torn down and destroyed? I suppose we will have to wait and see.


Do we actually think people are going to change their minds?

What is the point of all of this? Are we debating for the sake of the debate or do we actually think religious people are going to change their minds? Are we debating because it is fun? I hope so, because they are not going to be persuaded by any amount of logic or reason that all gods are imaginary. They don’t need proof to believe and they see that as a virtue. I was a Christian once, but I no longer understand how this faith thing works. We are born with five senses. Faith demands that we ignore them and adopt a different “reality”, one we can not see or touch, taste or smell, one we need to “feel” with our “hearts”. What does that even mean? Anybody can make up an imaginary world and claim it is real. When a single person, or small group do this they are labeled crazy or called a cult, and rightly so. What is the difference between them and the major world religions? Size? If it is size, how many people need to believe something before it is true?
Anyway, my point is this: what is the point in all this arguing? Nobody is really listening. Atheists because they don’t feel a need to believe unprovable things and the religious because they have been trained to believe without proof.