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Respecting God or Egocentric Thinking?

“Respect God

“Do His will as if it were your own, so that He will do His will as it were yours. Nullify your own will before His so that he will nullify the will of others before you.””

I read this gem of a quote on a Christian page the other day at which point two things stood out in my mind.
The first is that who ever wrote this thought they could manipulate the will of, what they believe to be, an all powerful being.
The second is that they also seem to believe that their god will suspend the free will of others for their benefit.
I see this quote as a proclamation of egocentric thinking that, far to often, goes hand in hand with god delusions.
Oh right, the title. “Respect God” was written above the quote as shown. I don’t know why or how the quote and the title fit together but I’m sure to the theist mind it makes all the sense in the world.